Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Please save my pillar boxes


Any UK readers are invited to consider signing the petition to try to save the Royal Mail from privatisation.

Thank you


  1. John, they have passed their sell by date. I now have a Fed-ex account.
    It cost me £12.95p in February this year to post a camera next day insured delivery. It arrived two days later, I asked for my money back and was told that it was held while they checked the value. The package was insured for their maximum so why did they have to check on a guaranteed before noon delivery.
    It came back mended for £5.95p by Fed-Ex and I got an e-mail saying delivery would be between 0935h and 1037h. That's service.
    They need a really good kicking do the GPO. Fed-Ex can do it and DPM or whatever can. If I want to post a letter then I'll phone Fed-Ex and ask them to collect from the camper. Probably cost £3.00p but service is important. I really think that less useless clutter on the streets is a good thing.
    I would like a post box museum staffed my ex Posties. Twenty years ago in rural Derbyshire I used to get flagged down by Trevor my Posty. He'd say I've been looking for you, open the back of his van and give me the parcels and post.
    That was service..albeit the parcels had probably been rolling along in his van for a week.

    1. We still have excellent service from Royal Mail here. But the private ones are hopeless. They say they'll collect (a return to shop parcel so we have to use the copmpany they've chosen) and they don't collect. That's happened about four times. They leave notes saying couldn't deliver your parcel (despite a note on the front door telling them to deposit parcels in box) but don't tell you where to pick it up from or say you have to wait 72 hours before calling them to get it redelivered. And some can't find our house because of the funny road numbering (we are 1a and come before number 1 but on the register we are after no 80). Fortunately Royal Mail know where we are!

  2. I wish I could sign it! I hate for icons of a country to disappear.

  3. Oh dear I hope you are successful in your drive to save the Royal Mail and the pillar boxes.

  4. Just in case you're interested, here's a site about anoles that I commented about on my blog.

  5. As one could fill in country, I signed it too... After all they ARE something of a tourist attraction, besides filling the purpose of being part of the transportation of postcards and letters from your contry to mine! :)

  6. Aaaah. We had the exact same battle here in the Netherlands a good while ago. Privatization or no privatization? The people protested but they got their way anyway.

    I should say, I didn't send out a lot of mail before the post office was privatized so I don't remember what it was like. But now, it isn't too bad. The post office's customer service is very good, and I hardly have any trouble with my mail. The only confusing thing is that there are now several mail companies, and although one of them is mainly used, some of them are sometimes used as well so you don't always know where to go when your mail has disappeared or is delayed.

  7. In the Outer Hebrides and presumably many other remote Highland and island communities many of the private carriers just pass the stuff to the Royal Mail because it's not economic for them to deliver. The service we get here on Lewis is superb and reminiscent of the service Adrian talks of in Yorkshire 20 years ago. I, for one, would be very upset to lose the service we get from the Royal Mail. The Government will say that safeguards will be built in for remote communities. When did you last believe a politician?

  8. I cannot sign your petition, but I hope you are able to preserve your red letter boxes. It would be a shame to lose such piece of history!

  9. Good cause, and a petition I meant to sign but didn't get around to. Thanks for jogging my memory.


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