Saturday, 6 July 2013

A current ramble

I’m not sure that I have much news at the moment.  I’ve had another three days in bed followed by two days of feeling passable.  My immediate problem is that my printer won’t work.  It’s gone on strike.  Just when I had got around to writing a long overdue letter.  So I press the button marked troubleshoot. Among other things this restarts the spooler service.  Wow – I didn’t even know it had a spooler. What is a spooler, anyway?  Whatever it is it makes no difference it still won’t work.  Ah well, that’s Life.

‘What’s Life?’
‘A magazine.’
‘How Much.’
‘Two and six.’
‘I’ve only got two shillings.’
‘That’s life!’

I definitely haven’t got the energy to start tackling the decorating again as yet so that is on hold with lots of things scattered around the house in their wrong places.  The three of us really need to de-clutter but none of us is very good at it.  I did buy a book on de-cluttering.  Perhaps I need to read it again….. 

I have uploaded a load of pictures of the garden and shared them via Google Plus but I don’t know how to direct you there if you want to see them.  Any ideas?  I haven't.  (I still haven't linked my Google+ profile with Blogger because my blogs wouldn't then appear on my profile.  How daft is that.)

It’s been sunny the last couple of days and I got out into the garden but didn’t manage to do much.  Ivy tried to help me, of course. 

In weather like this we leave the conservatory door and window open and Ivy prefers using these to bothering with the cat flap.

“Hello, can I help you?”

“Oops, am I too close for you?”

“What do you mean it’s unfair making the eagle look undignified – it’s only a piece of stone!”

“Excuse me while I just hunt for frogs.”

“It’s OK I won’t fall in the water.”

“It’s so pleasant here in the sun. Let’s have a roll over.”

“Hoy, don’t try leaving me.”

“This thing isn’t going to explode with water again, is it?”


  1. That "eagle" picture is just soooo "cat"! They will really find the daftest places to sit on, won't they!
    Love the picture where she comes out of the window and how one of her feet is still in the air. And I do hope for Ivy's sake that "that thing" indeed did NOT explode with water right when she was sniffing it :-)

    Sorry to hear you were unwell again. The printer problem is minor in comparison with what you have to endure health-wise.

  2. Ivy is a very photogenic little girl.
    If the printer switches on you can always try re-loading the drivers. Un plug the printer from the computer first and it should tell you when it's ready to communicate with the printer again.

    1. Thanks Adrian - it turned out the printer had decided to 'lose' the wireless connection. It's fixed now.

  3. I think everyone should be able to see the garden photos here.

  4. I love when Ivy is starring in your posts.
    Sorry that you are still not feeling 100%...I think you will continue to feel better as the weather gets better each day.
    I'm applying for the job of decluttering your home...just send airfare, and I'll be there.
    I'm really good of getting rid of un-needed stuff and organizing, so do we have a deal???

    1. I'll have to think about that, Vee. I think I'd be afraid of someone coming in and decluttering us. But if I change my mind you've got the job!

  5. Is there an official Ivy Fan Club?? I'd be the first to sign up, she's adorable - AND a camera hog apparently!

    1. There is certainly getting to be quite an unofficial fan club! I'm beginning to wonder whose blog this is. It's one thing taking over the house but now she's taken over my blog as well!

  6. What would we do without our pets? Whenever I'm feeling exasperated, Lucie/beagle always cheers me.

    As for decluttering, I spent the last couple of days doing that. Case of have-to -- a box of sewing notions fell out all over the floor, and while I was in the closet, I decided I might as well sort. Took a bunch of stuff to charity this very afternoon.

    By the way, the decluttering books can be a great help, but mine has disappeared. I know it's in the house somewhere though. Just not sure where!

    Have a great weekend, xoxox Carol

  7. Oh my, your cat looks so much like our cat, Minnie, that it is uncanny.
    Since we lost her a few moths ago, it is so strange to not have a cat around.
    Have you seen my latest post? C. will be performing at a club in a few weeks, so look out for that post!!!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. She is so precious and precocious! I want to mug her little face. Hope you're feeling tip-top soon!

  9. Ivy is absolutely adorable! Praying for a speedy recovery.

  10. The life and times of Ivy..sounds like a fun picture books for kids! I hope you're feeling better and I'm glad Ivy brings so much joy into your life. I did a teeny bit of de-cluttering this past much "stuff" little time!

  11. Your cat is adorable.

    Google+ sucks. When I made the Blogger/Gmail account for my blog, I used the name "Sabrina the Blogster". Then I got an email from Google saying I should use my real last name because otherwise people won't be able to find me on Google+. Which was exactly the point. So now I've changed it to "Portman", which is completely false. I dislike how Google tries to shove Google+ in our faces by linking everything together. No one is interested in Google+.

  12. Amusing, companionable and pretty - what more could anyone ask of a cat? I am sorry you have not been feeling well again, but hope that you are now on the mend and able to enjoy some of the decent weather.

    Your book on decluttering is like mine - i.e. a small but important part of the general clutter!

  13. You have a lovely garden. (I was able to follow Mark's link.) I've just had three mostly outdoors days in ours at the House. We don't have a lot of flowers now (only a few surviving perennials and wildflowers) but at least we've got a bigger and better kept lawn than we've had in years (after having a lot of shrubs removed last year by the same guy who also keeps the grass neatly cut for us). Hopefully it will give prospective buyers a better idea of the possibilities. However it's so nice to just SIT there just now that we hardly got anything else done this weekend!

  14. Ivy is gorgeous! I love the eagle photos, lol~
    Decluttering is best when you do it in small segments. A draw or box a day~
    I know I have a room that needs my attention!

    I do hope you are feeling better! Sending you get well wishes and healing energy~

  15. I love this post. Ivy is so pretty, black, sleek and graceful. Your photo of her near the hose put me in the mind of one day last summer when my scaredy cat ventured outside. It takes nearly 1/2 hour to coax him out there then I decided to water my garden. He tried his darndest to get back inside through a closed front door. He climbed the front door meowing pitifully the whole time, and not one drop of water came his way. I hope you feel better. Take care!!

  16. All of those Ivy photos made me smile! Especially since we are always taking photos of the cats and the dog. They are just so sweet and entertaining! I'm glad Ivy is keeping you good company while you recover and think about decluttering. I'm constantly getting rid of clutter, especially as new "stuff" comes into the house! xoxo Silke

  17. Hi Scriptor! I really enjoy reading your posts. I am a retired elementary art teacher who occasionally writes for a blog called Shady Dell Music & Memories. You visited it and left a comment back in April I believe, when my mother celebrated her 101st birthday.

    Your posts are all very enjoyable to my husband and me. We appreciate your good, solid and authentic writing - a rarity on most blogs I'm afraid!

    I've been wanting to comment for quite some time now, but my schedule is very hectic. I help to care for Mother, who lives in her own home (not a nursing home) after breaking her hip in the fall of 2011. As you may remember from my last chapter on SDM&M, she is mentally alert, but of course she is somewhat frail and tired, so she needs some companionship and help. My siblings and I want to keep her home as long as possible, but we are also getting old! I am 66, my sister 76 and brother 78. You can imagine the challenges this engenders.

    About this last post: I love all animals, (we have 5: three cats, a dog and a small parrot), gardening is a passion (although weather and physical limitations prevent me from doing as well as I would like with it...), and writing is the only adventure in creativity in which I can presently indulge (Right now, I am writing my family history.)

    Your cat is certainly a beautiful friend. I find that our three are also healing agents. I'm told I have fibromyalgia, and the pain and fatigue it brings can be discouraging. Whenever I have a cat beside me, however, purring or even just brushing by to say hello, the pain seems to lessen somewhat! I'm sorry you are having health problems as well, but they haven't lessened the quality or expressiveness of your writing.

    I hope to visit your blogs more frequently and send a comment. However I cannot seem to leave comments from my tablet when I am at Mother's house, so I am limited. We live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in the USA. I could send you a postcard from here if you like. We are known as Amish Country, and have beautiful farmland all around us.

    Anyway, this is probably more than enough to start! I hope you feel better every day and that you can continue to write! Thank you for reading my rambling!

    1. Thank you very much for the compliments, Kathy. Caring for someone else while suffering pain and fatigue is hard work - you have my admiration. It's lovely that your Mum can continue in her own home as long as possible but I suppose it depends what alternatives are available and how long you can keep it up. It's always such a difficult time, often with difficult decisions to take.

      I would love a postcard from you. Would you like to send me an e-mail address I can send my address to? (I can't access your google profile - I assume that is deliberate on your part). My e-mail is If you would like to include your address I'll be happy to reciprocate.

      All the best

  18. Why would Ivy even think of using the cat flap when the window is open!
    Sorry to read that you have not felt we'll again John. Trust that be now you are much improved.


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