Sunday, 16 December 2012

Newtown, Connecticut

I can't really think of any other subject to blog about at the moment. And yet I can't find any words.

So I shall just suggest you visit Tabor and Beth who have found appropriate words for this tragedy.


  1. This has been so unbelievable. The other shooting was in Oregon near my son's new home. Now this tragedy across the country in a quiet, lovely small town. There is no safe haven I fear. My prayers are all I have to offer. I can't even imagine how one goes on after this. I just know that many heroes will shine as we find out more and more about that day. We have to remember that we can't let evil prevail. The posts you mentioned have said it beautifully.

  2. There are no words for this, Scriptor. It's enough to just know that you are thinking of us. xoxo


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