Friday, 7 December 2012

Making a spectacle of myself

Making a spectacle of myself
I have umpteen pairs of spectacles according to the way in which my eyes are focussing at any one moment.  Of these I have three standard pairs – a distance pair , a reading pair and a general pair for walking and moving around in. Of these the latter by far the most important.  They are only ones that don’t give me exaggerated double vision and headaches and which are blurred enough for me to be able to move around without mistaking where things are and bumping into doors, knocking things off worktops, etc. They are also the only pair which I can use to handle anything sharp or dangerous like an electric saw because I can actually see exactly where the item is – even if it’s not sharply focussed.
So guess which pair I broke yesterday? I am in what is commonly known as deep excrement…
And talking of that, the outside stop-tap is being fitted on Saturday (the Gods willing) so we had to move the compost heap this morning.  Thankfully, Son-who-watches-films did it for me so I just watched. 
Meanwhile Partner-who-loves-tea continues to cultivate the flu bug but is slightly better and appreciates all your good wishes. 
Would you like to see pictures of the progress of the kitchen.  Hard luck!  It’s in abeyance and causing problems. 

This has been a bit of a moan so far so here are a couple of cheerful things.

An anniversary present

This was Richard’s Silver Wedding anniversary present to us in October – a selenite lamp.  We had one which Partner-who-loves-tea bought me in 2009 for my birthday (see here) and we had always wanted another one.  Amazingly, this one is a perfect match so we now have a matching pair on the window ledge.

Puss (almost) in boots

What are you reading?

Smells good – it must be a cookery book!

That’s a an interesting comment!


  1. Oh, bad luck about the spectacles... I don't have double vision but I do still have need of a number of different pairs for various purposes... and one pair that is more important than any of the rest, so I can imagine the frustration!

    Ivy seems to be taking a keen interest in anything going on in your home... Fitting right in ;)

  2. Sorry to hear you've broken your specs! If I should ever be unfortunate enough to break mine, I'd be in deep, deep, deep trouble - and I really mean deep, since I am quite helpless without them and I only have one old pair which is not fit for use anymore anywhere else but home.

    Hmmm... wondering what comment is is Ivy finds so interesting. I can tell it is not my profile picture next to it :-)

  3. I can see that Ivy will be contributing as your source of entertainment, as well as ours whenever you share photos. I love the quips that go with her actions.
    What a stunning lamp, now two of them!

  4. oops! forgot to say that I hope you get your specs replaced soon.

  5. Sorry about your glasses – you are indeed in deep doodoo! I have never seen a selenite lamp. I looked at your other one, lighted, it gives a warm glow.

  6. I wonder would a monocle help? A bit Bertie Worcesterish. I have a friend who burnt an eye with welding flash and he uses one. Got his from a flee market and gets a lens made at the opticians.
    I too have several specs. I'm blind without them.

    1. Wow. I've tried putting stuff over one lens and I've tried wearing a mask with one side cut out but a monocle not only sounds cool but possibly (just possibly) a really good idea. I shall investigate!

  7. Oh gosh, sorry about your glasses. Will you be able to get them repaired soon?
    I changed my outdoor stop tap this week too, and also had to repair one of my hoses.
    I hope Jo feels better soon...if her flu is anything like the one that got me, I totally sympathise. Please tell her to feel better soon.
    Love the selenite lamp.
    Anxiously awaiting the new kitchen reveal.

    1. I'm having problems finding anyone who repairs spectacles nowadays. Everyone wants to sell me a new pair which is not the solution. But I'm sure something will turn up...

  8. Typical cat knowing how to get attention. Sod's Law the specs you need most are the ones that break. Hope you don't have to wait long for replacement. Also hope you do not catch the 'tea lady's' flu.


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