Thursday, 13 December 2012

Mid-week Adventures


We had our first heavy frost that stayed all day yesterday,  12th December. 

Loft Adventures

It will soon be time to get the Christmas decorations down from the loft. It would have been done before now but for the contents of the kitchen being spread about the dining room and conservatory which are the rooms we decorate.  

Last time I went in the loft I was busy sorting stuff when something landed on my back and gave me the shock of my life. Needless to say my reaction was to straighten my back and lift my head.  There isn’t room to do so in the loft.  So the shock was followed by a sharp bang on the head.  I swore, loudly, and tried again to straighten.  That resulted in another bang and the sudden attachment of ten claws to my shoulders.  At least that identified what had landed on my back.  I swore again.  She disappeared into the dark.  I called for Partner-who-loves-tea to assist me.  No point in catching the little blighter if there was no one to hand her down to.  No answer.  I then texted her.  Texting one’s wife from up in the loft!  Ah well, I suppose  modern technology has its uses.  By the time Partner-who-loves-tea appeared at the base of the ladder I had caught the offending moggy and could hand her down to be locked away until I’d finished in the loft.

So now, every time I go in the loft I have to make sure Ivy is locked away first... 

"Who?"  Me?  I'm just enjoying the view..."

"Just two more steps, ít's easy this."

"I know that's how he got in there."

"Curses, foiled again."


  1. Great shots of Ivy. Grand crisp weather. The rain is back tomorrow.

    1. I couldn't believe the forecast as the frost got even thicker on Thursday but sure enough - it's milder and pouring down non-stop today.

  2. Brilliant! I needed a smile today just got my dentist's bill! She is one smart cat.

    1. Ouch -I hope he didn't hurt as much as his bill.

  3. What a pity you can't get Ivy to actually HELP you bring down things from the loft... I always hated ladders, I don't think I did ever actually go up into the loft in my childhood home. Where I live now I have my storage space in the basement and I can take the lift down there! :)

  4. That bookcase wasn't there last time I was!

    1. It's one of Richard's from his bedroom. The theory being to make more space in his room but it actually seems to have got more full since that moved out.

  5. Wow! She's a good climber. Don't think ours could do that (nor do they have the inclination).

    Love the new bookcase on the landing.

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  7. Oh, she's so beautiful! I don't think I could refuse her anything, even a snoop through the attic... sorry, loft. 8-)

  8. Our cat i a fiend for ladders too and it's not safe to leave one around her.

  9. I'm glad it was Ivy who pounced! And not a squirrel or (as is sometimes the case over here) a raccoon!

    The frost looks pretty but can be hard to live with. Essex has been hit pretty hard, and my nephew didn't go to work. His car slid down his drive and then down the hill, and he decided that was enough for one day. And he's someone who looks upon driving as a challenge regardless of the weather!

    Hope all goes well with the kitchen re-do and the holiday decorations. Take care and God bless, love, Carol

    1. The kitchen proceeded apace yesterday but the decorations may have to wait until 2013...

  10. stunning frost pics! I think Ivy beats out my Ting for mischief. I am surprised that she could manage the rungs of the ladder. :D

  11. The curled-up leave is so beautiful! I guess some very tiny creature made that as a temporary home to (hopefully) survive the cold season.

    Love the picture of Ivy with the gleaming eyes!

  12. Ms. Ivy is certainly having a grand old time. Didn't think she'd be able to climb that ladder, but doggone she's growing in leaps and bounds.
    Curiosity killed the cat, and all that.
    Sorry about the bang on your head.

  13. Oh my Lord! What a visual!!! I'm sorry I laughed, but I couldn't help it. She's a busy one!


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