Thursday, 8 November 2012

Thursday Thoughts

The Election
I don’t often mention politics on this site but when a friend posted this on Facebook I couldn’t resist it…

Terry Pratchett
I pre-order all Terry Pratchett works and sometimes I forget when they are due out.  When that happens I get a wonderful surprise in the post.  This morning it was ‘The Compleat Ankh-Morpork (Discworld Artefact)’.

Terry Pratchett is one of the most loved writers in the world. With worldwide sales of over 65 million copies in 37 languages, his novels are eagerly awaited by his legions of fans year after year. His first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic, was released in 1983 and ever since then the series, with its whimsical heroes and fiendish foes, has delighted both young and old alike. In 2007 Pratchett announced that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. He has courageously faced the disease head-on, equalling the determination of his characters in his vivid and satirical novels.

Morris Men
 I was sure I'd blogged about the Morris Men in Exeter Quay but I can't find them on the 'search'.  I must have imagined it.  There's no doubt Morris Men do things to your mind.

Is it any wonder some people don't take us English seriously at times?

Fabrice Muamba
In March I reported how Fabrice ‘died’ when he collapsed during a football match.  His heart stopped for 78 minutes.  But he not only has survived he can live an ordinary life again – though he has been advised against such strenuous activity as football.  An inspiration, a miracle, he paid his first visit back to White Hart Lane tonight.  He is a lovely, well-spoken young man and was interviewed before the Spurs match.   

Then, at half time, he walked around the pitch. The reception he got was fantastic.  It had him near to tears as he applauded the crowd and waved back to them, thanking them for their support and prayers on the day.   It’s moments like that which make up for some of the silliness in the sport.

Grey Squirrel
 This is what happens when there are nuts on the bird table..

See the lovely autumn colours in the background?
If I'm not back before the week-end , have a good one!


  1. Well, I'm not one of the Republicans who remarked the same as your quote. Apparently, I wouldn't fit in, as I do believe in God.
    But I do love the photos of the rest of the stories, and what a heart-warming and amazing story about Fabrice Muamba!
    happy weekend to you!

  2. Love your squirrel! He looks so very healthy! Ha! I'll bet you are one of his favorite stops!

    1. Well he or she is here virtually every day. Today he was looking in the lounge window!

  3. I'm so glad the Morris Dancers are still going strong -- in fact I think they are more prevalent ney were in the 50's and 60's.ow than th

    1. I think I've only seen them once before - in Rutland in the 80's. But I agree they seem to be more prevalent now, judging by the entertasinement programmes I've seen on TV.

  4. So far, I've only seen Morris Men once, when we happened to be in Ripon at the time of the patron saint's festival.
    Like the note to the Republicans who said they were going to move to Australia...!

  5. Well that first pic that you got off of facebook is funny. I am disappointed the Obama was re-elected as President but what can I do except accept it and be supportive. I have friends that are really angry about it too. I mean really, there's no need to be mean and call people stupid. My motto is this: The election is over, get over it and move on. :)

    Those men in green look quite entertaining and I bet it was a lot of fun being entertained by them. Life wouldn't be worth living if you couln't have fun and be silly.

    Oh, and I love squirrel pictures.

  6. What a sensible motto - "The election is over, get over it and move on.". I feel the same when we have elections and my party loses. I don't think elections here generate the same degree of enthusiasm or anger as they do in the States - for which I'm glad. I loike the quiet life....
    And I agree about life needing silliness but, hey, there's silly and there's silly and the Morris Men are a bit over the top! Prancing around waving hankies. The best that can be said for it is that the musical accompaniment is good and it makes for good photos.

  7. Some excellent bits in this post, for sure... lovely Facebook comment- feel like putting it up myself. And of course Terry Pratchett!!!!! I've realised I haven't seen morris men for months. I am sure they are around, but I just haven't seen them.

  8. I never heard of Morris men until I entered the Blogworld. Now I no longer remember in what blog context it was that I first saw them. Those costumes are not unlike some of our Swedish folk costumes used in traditional folk dancing. Do the colours and details vary between districts?

    1. Yes, Monica. Each troupe has its own colours and there may be a number of troupes in the same district. I understand there can be a lot of rivalry between troupes.

  9. The last troupe of Morris dancers I came across was a few years ago here in Napier during the annual Art Deco Weekend. Silly they are but rather jolly.

  10. I always take the English seriously....Morris Men or not.
    We have got a troupe here called The Landship which is very entertaining too. I must do a post someday.


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