Monday, 12 November 2012

November 13th

November 13th - an important day
On this day my elder daughter was born.  I won't say what year because it's not polite to tell you the age of a lady (though that seems less of a 'rule' nowadays).  

The following were also born on November 13th...

354 – Saint Augustine of Hippo, North African theologian (d. 430)

532 – Augustine of Canterbury, Archbishop of Canterbury (d. 604)

1833 - Edwin Thomas Booth, a famous 19th century American Shakespearean actor who founded Booth's Theatre in New York, but is better remembered for being brother to John Wilkes Booth who assassinated President Lincoln.

1850 – Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish writer (d. 1894)

1945 - My elder daughter loves Formula One but I doubt she hasn't heard of Masahiro Hasemi.  He is a Tokyo-born former racing driver and team owner from Japan who participated in a Formula One race at the 1976 Japanese Grand Prix.  He qualified 10th after an error which cost him his chance of a pole position and finished 11th, seven laps behind the winner. Notably, however, he also set the fastest lap of the race.

1955 - Whoopi Goldberg (born Caryn Elaine Johnson) is an American comedian, actress, singer-songwriter, political activist, author and talk show host.

1959 - Caroline Goodall is an English actress and screenwriter - born on Friday 13th!

Bliksem Sky
As regular readers of this blog will know, earlier this year I upset DataTransfer, the Gods of Technology and All Things Electrical / Wireless.  Constantly since then he has shown His discontent.  Once again He has reminded me of His power to exact retribution. My mobile phone packed up and had to go away to be repaired. The Vodaphone engineers couldn’t find anything wrong with it.  They sent it back to the shop.  Fortunately the young lady in the shop had the sense to check the battery before giving the phone back.  It turned out it was a faulty battery.  Now the Sky television has gone on the blink (yet again).  It is, of course, an intermittent fault and I suspect the engineer will come out, make various changes and go away.  The system is such that their work is guaranteed for a month so if it fails again in that time we don’t pay again.  Last time, it went after five weeks…

Squeaky Cushions
Have you ever wondered about the origin of that childish piece of amusement available from Joke Shops – the squeaky cushion? I found out as I sat down on my study swivel chair this afternoon. It was obviously designed by someone who had sat on a sleeping kitten.  Fortunately, my reactions were such that she didn’t suffer anything except injured pride.  Unfortunately, the adrenalin buzz it gave me had my heart popping at some ridiculous rate for ages.

Then she did her usual trick and sat in one of the cubby–holes behind the desk. 

Had enough now.

Can I come and play with your mouse.

That's an interesting blog...



  1. We had a problem with our cable box last week. We lost volume for a day or two and then miraculously we regained volume but only on certain channels. We had to take the box to the cable company and trade it in for a new one. We were told that several people had come in with the same problem but the clerk said they hadn't been notified from technical department about this particular problem.

    I just adore animals. Especially, curious ones. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to eldest daughter!
    Your Ivy caused me to chuckle!
    I missed an opportunity to capture both cats at different times perched in a open space where a drawer goes. (I had it out and was arranging unmentionables neatly instead of stuffing them.) To take advantage of every photo opportunity with those critters, I'd have to wear my camera at all times. :)

    1. I have to ressurect one of my old cameras, Norma, so that I can have one upstairs and one downstairs all the time!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Daughter! I hope she has a wonderful day. She shares he bday with some interesting characters!

  4. Many, many happy returns to Bryony! I hope she has a wonderful birthday and a wonderful year.

    It is wonderful the way we work around our animals, isn't it? We all do it though...I've stayed at my computer longer than I intended or planned to because if I got up and left the room, I would disturb the dog...but sometimes things don't work out as we expect. I remember reading not too long ago that actress Mary Tyler Moore was injured when she tripped over her dog. And my friend Rita fell, when the dog wrapped the lead around her ankles. She went to the doctor and was horrified when the doctor insisted that they talk to her husband because they didn't believe her story and wanted to be sure her husband hadn't beaten her up! Since he is the sweetest and kindest of men, of course he hadn't. But what a sad commentary on our times, that they even had to ask. xoxo

  5. Obviously, your elder daughter is the most beautiful of the birthday holders today!
    As far as that squeaky cushion, we called them poo poo cushions when we were kids. Sorry. My family is very "down to earth", evidently.
    I'm really enjoying your Ivy posts. She's so cute, and I can only imagine the situations she manages to get in to!

    1. You've reminded me there were two sorts of cushion weren't there. One made a squeaking noise and one a farting one. We were obviously an 'upmarket' family and had the squeaky one!!

  6. And meeeeee!
    Yes, I, a Scorpio Share this date too. I was 13 on Fri 13th, and 30. The day is meant to be lucky for us :)
    Happy Birthday to your daughter :)

    1. And Many Happy Returns of the Day to you too, Fi. May you have a super year ahead.

  7. Scruffy took over our swivel office chair -- and we gave it up and now use a different one! You're a cat man Scriptor!

    1. One thing I am not giving up is my swivel chair. Well, not this one - she's already collared the one I have downstairs at the dining table on occasion...

  8. Bliksem indeed! You really did piss off The Fates! I hope Ivy never grows up.

    1. You do realise that she often sleeps (and messes around at 4 a.m.) in the room in which you sleep when you visit! You had better hope she does grow up a bit before the Spring.

  9. She seems to know her way around all your computer equipment now. Maybe she'll be starting her own blog next... ;)

  10. Cats are such a curious and entertaining bunch. Mine stepped on my internet button one time and turned it off without me knowing it. It took me almost all day to figure out why I had no connection.

    What a bunch of wonderful people celebrating the day! Happy belated b-day to your daughter.

  11. I may have to borrow Ivy at some point in time to do a guest post on my blog....she looks as if she has got it down pat.
    Hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday, and may she be blessed with many more.
    Hope your mobile phone is working again.
    Love Whoopi, I watch her every day on a US talk show The View.
    I use both my camera and my phone camera to take all my blog photos....I would miss out on a lot of stuff if I didn't use them both.


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