Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Saturday Saunter


There are those still suffering from the effects of Sandy.  In some cases they are without power or gas, even after all this time.  Marcheline, who sometimes comments on my blog, has been really stressed out trying to find petrol in a world without any.  In other cases, at the extremes, people are homeless or bereaved.  It has been a sobering experience not only for those concerned but also for those of us watching from afar. 

But there have also been things that have made one smile…

And, as with all disasters there are those occasional little acts of kindness that make us realise what a good world we live in…

This b****** thing.

A friend of mine whom will remain anonymous (and I won’t tell you her age but she won’t see her seventies again) e-mailed me recently.  In the middle of it she must have hit Cntrl and i instead of shift and i because her e-mail turned into italics.  She didn’t know how it had happened or how to stop it so she was cursing.  However, this particular friend is a lady through and through so she referred to her laptop as ‘This bliksem thing’.  A phrase I’ve known her use before. How is that for a wonderful swear word – bliksem? 
I had always assumed it was an invention of hers.  However, on this occasion, I decided to look up the word to see if it had some real origin.  It turns out it is an Afrikaans verb for to hit or strike.  That’s OK – perhaps even a coincidence.  But then I found it in the Urban Dictionary – an on-line Dictionary of slang.  According to that it also meant ‘bastard’.   I’m not sure my friend knows that….

Six postcards
This week was a strange on so far as postcards were concerned.  On Wednesday and Thursday I had none.  This is always a minor disappointment as I pick the post up from the mat.  But then on Friday I had six cards a record I’m unlikely to beat for a long time.  Only one was from an unknown postcrosser. The others were from friends.  How kind they/you all are.  I just wish I had time to do my postcard blog.

I was amused recently when reading the profile of one postcrosser to see that she listed her languages as – English, French, German, Dutch, Basic Spanish and Woof.  I responded that I should add ‘Miaow’ to mine or perhaps ‘Squeak’ since Ivy is still at that stage at the moment.

And talking of Ivy

I know it doesn’t do the scanner any good allowing her to amble across it’s surface but I couldn’t resist this…


  1. Luckily, we weren't affected by Sandy although my parents (about an hour away) lost power for three days. I do love that comic you posted. Amazing how much we rely on power. Quite scary, actually. Oh, and love the cat feet.

  2. Pain in the bum hitting CTRL. when going for shift. CAPSlock is worse. It stops so many other programmes functioning.
    New York, much like London was built in the wrong place. have fun over there at least your gas is a third the price of ours. Little consolation if here is't any.....Why we were born with legs.

    1. Legs aren't much use if you have a forty mile journey to work though... Espedcially when the buses aren't running either.

  3. The combination of topics in this posts makes me think of how in Swedish, we tend to blame "the cat" in various expessions when something goes wrong etc... Similar to how in English you might say "rats!" We also use the number seventeen. I think both were considered in the past to have certain connection with witchcraft/magic.

  4. I've still only received one card from postcrossing and the first one I sent is still traveling. (27 days)

    You could make some cute stationery with Ivy. I'm sure she'd be glad to assist you.

  5. Lovely! Love the cartoon. Can't remember if I told you or not, but a neighbour found a large piece of black foam-core board and turned himself into a 45 rpm record as a costume to wear to his son's school Halloween party. None of his son's friends knew what he was, and finally in exasperation, Dan said, "Ask your grandparents!"

    BTW - Ivy gets cuter by the day.

    Have a great weekend. xoxox Carol

  6. Oh, the precious wee feeties!!!! SQUEEEEEE!

  7. I so agree with Sonia about how scary our dependance on power is, and I couldn't agree more with Adrian when he says "Why we were born with legs"! A long time ago, I posted about "Why I do not drive" on my blog, and my opinion on that topic is still that.
    Ivy is growing so fast! What secret formula are you feeding her?

  8. Ivy is ruling the roost more and more everyday, and doing a good job too. They do win us over don't they???

  9. I have to have surpassed me in the kind of antics your kitty does. Of course, I haven't left the lid on my printer/scanner open. So...I may try that just to see what happens. That gave me a good laugh...OUT LOUD!
    This latest on Ivy reminded me of what GB said when he saw my photos about Ting Ting "helping" me change the bed linen. As you surely know, he didn't find it amusing. Oh, well, not everyone is a cat person. Mine keep me entertained, and I need it frequently. Give Ivy a hello from Jax and Ting!


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