Friday, 29 June 2012

A whinging ramble in my shorts

Yes, the weather is hot enough for shorts (I'll spare you a picture).  In fact Thursday was one of those muggy days that promised thunder and lightning and heavy downpours. Well, we got the latter, complete with sand that the clouds had picked up somewhere and dumped on our newly washed cars. In 2008 the same thing happened when sand from the Sahara covered everything in sight.  The Saharan dust itself was not responsible for the thunderstorms, but the hot air from Africa is what provoked the torrential downpours.  And the rain was so heavy we couldn’t hear ourselves think as it rattled on the conservatory and poured over the edges of the gutters.  The postmen abandoned their rounds and although normally their working day finishes at 2 pm (having started early to sort the post) our mail wasn’t delivered until 4 pm.  But we had only one tiny roll of distant thunder and no lightning.  Indeed, I was commenting to Friend-über-special the other day that they don’t make thunderstorms nowadays like they did when I was young. At least, not on Merseyside.  We haven’t had a decent amount of lightning for about twelve or fifteen years.  Never having been struck by lightning or experienced a bombing raid (of which thunder used to remind my Mum) I really enjoy a good thunderstorm now and again. 

My health has been a bit dodgy this week and twice I nearly had to call an ambulance but I’m pretty sure that was due to a change of medication and I’ve changed back so hopefully all will be well.  There’s not much anyone at home can do when I’m really bad but Son-who-watches-films cares for me as best as anyone can and makes me meals and, most importantly, regular cups of tea.  And when she’s home, Partner-who-loves-tea provides hugs and an ear to listen to my whinging.  And I do whinge.  It’s the price she pays for being partner to someone who puts on a brave face to everyone else he meets.  Sorry Partner – your patience and forbearance are very much appreciated.  As for everyone else, to borrow a phrase from someone far worse off than I,  Fake it until you Make it!  Right!

Sometimes I come across book titles which make me want them, without knowing anything at all about their contents.  One such was "The Englishman Who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects "by John Tingey.  It was recommended by a fellow postcrosser, appropriately enough.  I instantly ordered it and am dying to see what it’s all about.

I’m busy packing at the moment because GB comes down at the weekend and we are then going to see Daughter-who-takes-photos and Son-in-law-and-friend-who-loves-otters for a few days.  Then we shall amble back up North and cross over from the Isle of Skye to GB’s home on Lewis.   So my attendance on the internet will be erratic.  Not so much because of lack of access but I shall be busy enjoying myself in other ways.  And I still haven’t caught up with what is going on in other folks’ lives from my time off a few weeks ago.   I hope you are all well and once I’m at GB’s I hope to have the time to visit you all.  One reason I have time to spare at GB’s is because he is such an excellent host and chauffeur and I contribute little or nothing to the running of the place, the provision of meals and even the washing of clothes. I'm sure if I put my shoes outside the bedroom door he'd polish them for me!  Much appreciated GB.

The garden is super at the moment. I’d love to share all the photos I've taken of the flowers but I haven’t processed many of them yet and there are so very many.  But here is a taster so this posting isn’t all words.

Hanging around...


 Welcome to my world...


A Green-veined White.

On one of the tree stumps in the garden are some orangey pink balls. These are a member of one of the lower orders of fungi; the Myxomycetes or slime moulds.  In this case they are Lycogala terrestre.  

 Buttercups and Daisies

And an Ox-eye Daisy (with Bindweed taking advantage of it).

Have a good weekend.


  1. So sorry you have been poorly. You need some Hebridean air. The weather has been lovely today.
    See you soon.

    Love to Jo. Love to you too Pat x

  2. Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well and I do hope that it was the case of medication. Good that you and big brother will be spending some travels together :) I always look forward to hearing of them.

    Love to you, John ♥

  3. I hope you'll be strong and fit enough to enjoy the weekend and then all the travelling and visits. Looking forward to reading about your adventures on here!
    Love the little mouse!

    As for lightning, we had a spectacular thunderstorm some time last week, I was watching the show from my kitchen window, and later found out that RJ, some 35 km away, had been doing the same.

    Yesterday, a friend of mine who lives in northern Germany told me that on the golf course near where he works, three ladies who were seeking shelter in a little hut on the course were struck by ligthning and killed, all three of them :-( What a way to go...

  4. As lovely as your own garden is, I hope the change of scenery and air and so on over the next few weeks will be all good for you ♥ Monica

  5. Sorry that you have not been so well this week but do hope it was only the medication as you say that can be changed. Sounds like you are going to have 2 great trips. Hopefully there will be some photos of Lewis.

    Surprised you got the African sand so far North. Are car and windows were a mess. Fortunately the window cleaner came the next day and glad it was not the day before!

    That red fungi was bright. have not seen fungi like that before.

  6. Sorry to hear you haven't been well. Could I recommend a couple of books? They're by Peter May, The Black House and Lewis Man, seeing as you're going to Lewis. They're part of a trilogy, they're mystery and I enjoyed learning about the island.

    1. Thanks v much - I shall investigate Peter May. Sound my sort of book.

  7. So nice to hear from you. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Have a wonderful time with your daughter and son-in-law, and all the best to you and GB on your travels.
    Hugs, xoxox Carol

  8. Now that I'm down on the Wirral with you I can't believe that it's been warm! I'm freezing. I'm also looking forward to our travels and hoping for some decent weather for photography and wanderings.

  9. Thanks for all your good wishes. I stopped the new medication and, touch wood (not that I'm superstitious, of course) I seem to be back to normal. Though my nearest and dearest would dispute that I have ever been normal.

  10. Only you could make slime mould appealing. Hope you have a wonderful trip!


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