Monday, 18 June 2012

Flowers for Leontien

Do you recall Leontien VandeLaar and the post I did about virtual flowers that were sent her a while ago to show support for her in her battle against cancer?

There are now over 250 flowers on that virtual page and still it grows. 

Isn’t it wonderful that there is so much love around and so many people care enough about someone (who is, in most cases, a complete stranger) to show their support in what is actually a very personal and difficult battle, unique to each individual.

Life is not easy for her at the moment so please spare her a thought today as you go about your business.  A love bomb or a virtual hug would not go amiss either.


  1. That disease is so devastating. I pray for many people who are contending with it.

  2. I contributed to the page and really admired the other flowers there. Such a variety of interpretations of what a flower is. Thanks for reminding me, I'll pop back and take another look.

  3. Thanks for your mission of love and kindness. I did post a flower for her earlier and must do so ago. How about a soft and cuddly bunny. I posted one of those the other day? It came as a complete and utter surprise to me this week end:


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