Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A postcrossing card and a cry for help

This is a postcrossing card I recently got from Kai-Eric who lives in a village near Lorrach in S W Germany close to the Swiss and French borders.

The local recipes illustrated on the card are -

Nussle which translates as nussle which didn’t help me much; schäufele mit sauerkraut -Pork shoulder with sauerkraut; Spargel – which translates as Asparagus but which seems absent from that third picture; and Linsen & spätzle which translates as lenses and spätzle.

 I decided I should have to blog it on this blog and ask my friends Monica and Meike for help!!


  1. The white finger-like things in the third post are asparagus, but the white sort for which the area is famous. Linsen would be Lentils and home made noodles (although spatzle is like a cross between a dumpling and a noodle!) I wish I could help more - I lived for three years very close to Lorach.

  2. Glad to help! First of all, what do you mean, asparagus seems absent from the third picture? What, if not asparagus, is the cream-coloured stuff on the left? :-)

    Linsen and Spätzle is easy - of course it is not lenses but lentils, and you can read more about Spätzle on my blog; it is the Swabian staple food:

    Nussle is probably Nüssle with an ü. Literally, that means "small nuts", but as far as I know, in that part of Germany, they use the word for field salad / lamb's lettuce.

    1. Thanks Meike.

      Our asparagus tends to be green or purple! That's why I didn't recognise it.

    2. You are welcome, John! We get several varieties of asparagus here; I much prefer the green one, too, and somehow I automatically assumed the white one is just as well known elsewhere.

  3. Glad you got help from Meike because with this one I'd have been lost! Food is so not my speciality...

  4. I have to agree that the asparagus doesn't look like asparagus -- it's so thick I'd think it would be really woody and almost inedible! Spatzle, however, is wonderful (the advantages of travelling for work and getting to eat lots of random foods).

  5. Our asparagus are green, but I've always heard that the white ones were the creme de la creme in the world of asparagus. About the only way I ever get them here is canned and you might as well forget that! To have them fresh would be a treat indeed.

  6. The photos look yummy. Too bad we can't eat them, just as they are! :o)


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