Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Year Resolutions

It's a few years since I made any New Year Resolutions and many years since I actually kept any!

However, inspired by Ian's "Blog every Sunday" I have decided to make three this year

1. I propose to start each new month with a mini celebration.
2. I'm going to write one page of my book everday.
3. I'm going for a walk every day that I am well enough - even if it is only to the shops.
4. I am aiming to (but not forcing myself to) post a word a day on my word blog; post a photo a day on my photography blog.


  1. They all sound like wonderful resolutions, I shall partake of your effort :)
    Happy New Year !

  2. I like the celebration one! The start of a new month is always something special, isn't it? I've blogged about this some time ago.

    I do not have any resolutions as such, but I am determined to get a better job, and have already sent two applications.

  3. I stumbled over here from elsewhere and really liked your resolutions, have just been trying to put mine in words myself. I especially like that you obviously decided when you started writing, to have three, and then have four! I'm sure that's a sign of a good 2011. I hope so. Shiny x

  4. It may help that you have announced them so we can all hold you accountable and will know if you miss a word or a photo -- although we won't know if you walked. My resolution will be to check your photo and word blogs every day. Oops. It is already January 5th and I've missed four days. So much for my resolution.

  5. I think I will try and continue with Thankful Thursday but I'm certainly not making it a resolution. The only resolution I've ever made at New Year and kept is not to make any more.

  6. Sounds like a good plan, Scriptor. No matter what, just keep on keepin' on. ~ Deedee

  7. Bagman and Butler - I shall hopefully be blogging a word every day but altough I shall be taking a photo a day I may not actally blog them the same day - I may post a vfew at a time - so I hope that doesn't upset your resolution!


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