Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Yellow and orange again

A couple of years ago I painted the kitchen. At Jo's request we painted it yellow and orange. Jo chose the colours. As soon as it was done the conclusion was reached that the colours were not right. I am now in the process of doing it again (mainly because the grease and fumes are horrendous in our kitchen). Again it is to be yellow and orange. Jo chose the paint on Saturday. The yellow is a fractionally different and the orange is different by a slightly larger fraction. Wish me luck.


  1. That's the trouble with paint, isn't it, that it looks different while it is still wet.
    Have I ever mentioned that yellow is my favourite colour?

  2. I'm a magnolia man myself!

  3. lol that is funny, but it is different colors. right?

  4. It is great that you have the energy to do this, a "Yay" to the bypass surgery. My wee home has yellow walls in the hall, living room and bedroom - a pale shade.

    Happy Painting, Michelle and Zebby Cat


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