Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Musical Trivia

Saxophones are made of brass but they sit in the woodwind section of the orchestra because the are similar to play to the clarinet. The flute is still classed as woodwind even tough it is usually made of metal.

If you go to see a Piano Concerto in concert the position of the piano is thanks to Franz Liszt, one of the first megastars if music. Before his time the pianist faced the audience but he decided to be sideways on to show off in front of his adoring fans.

Anton Bruckner had very low self-esteem and abandoned his first symphony part way through thinking it not good enough. He then began his second symphony which he called his first. Later he got around to finishing his original symphony and he ended up calling it Die Nulte - the Nothing or the Zero.

Keemeth J Alford is said to have got the idea for the start of his famous tune 'Colonel Bogey' from the two note whistle given as a warning by a friend each time he teed off down the golf course.

George Gershwin wrote a love song called 'I'm a Poached Egg' in which the singer compares his feelings without his loved one to be like a poached egg without its toast.

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