Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-out - Temptation

This week's subject for the Friday My Town Shoot-out is "Temptation". I've gone through some of my Exeter photos for today's 'my town'.

Cheese is definitely a guilty pleasure and a temptation. It has a habit of giving me a migraine but there are times when I just cannot resist it.

Cakes, of course, are many people's temptations.

One of my guilty pleasures is photographing people who try to avoid me (or at least try to avoid being photographed by me - sorry Ian!).

It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing, if I see a butterfly I'm going to have to be ignored until I've got a photo I am happy with.

Anything old tempts me....

Motor racing is my guilty pleasure on about sixteen Sundays a year. I plonk myself down and watch the Grand Prix.

As for the ironing - defintely not tempted to do that.

Why not check out other people's my town shoot-outs this week.


  1. I agree about the cheeses and cake, being raised in a bakery of course :)
    I miss a good Cheshire Cheese.
    Ironing, I can take it or leave it :)

  2. Ooh!! It says "Hummus Salad Wraps" on the picture with the cakes. I love hummus! I also love cakes. And cheese. And chocolate. And food in general. But it is no guilty pleasure for me, just pleasure; therefore, it probably would not count as a temptation, would it?

  3. I really like Ian's hat. Looks good on him too.

  4. Your Guilty Pleasures are all quite acceptable as far as I'm concerned. Especially the Butterfly photographing.

    I enjoyed your LimeLight! Isn't it wonderful that we can travel around the world via the internet. How about a quick trip to Texas where another of your Quilty Pleasures is waiting to Tempt you....Old Stuff! Hope to see you there....Sue

  5. cheese! cheese!
    I must go up your way and acquire a vast amount of cheddar. Auvergne may be the best cheese region of France (just ask any Auvergnat; they'll tell you!), but now and then I just have to have a nice bit of cheddar.

  6. Hmm cheese and cakes they are definitely a temptation. The iron reminds me growing up it looks like what we've got ^_^ Great shots!
    My temptation

  7. Cakes and cheese are a couple of my guilty pleasures as well. Tell Ian not to be mad. He's a cute guy.

  8. We all can never say no to food temptation! lol
    I love that antique iron, tempted to get one of that too.

  9. glad to see you are back SS! love your train shot and the cheese. yum! I am loving checking out what everyone's temptation or guilty pleasure is.

  10. I dont get tempted to Iron either. Great temptatins and photos!

  11. If someone could devise a perfect way of combining cheese and chocolate I'd be in heaven! But the ironing, no way. I lifted one of those old irons a couple of days ago and it was so heavy! Irons might be lighter these days but they are still hard work for me.


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