Monday, 21 January 2008

Are you Insane

A list of ways to tell....

Aluminum foil now takes up almost half of your grocery budget
The voices in your head are hearing voices in THEIR heads.
The walls in this hotel are all padded.
The voices in your head are telling *you* to shut up!
You understand the deep, philosophical meaning of "Jeremiah was a bullfrog"
You have more than 100 cats in your 1 bedroom flat.
Your shrink refuses to see you anymore because you're "just not right"
When you talk to your plants, they talk back
You bought the £300 service contract on a £10 disposable camera
No one else can see the little people on your shoulder
The squirrels in the park have recommended therapy
Your imaginary friend got a restraining order
You start telling strangers "I have on new socks..."
You think OJ Simpson is innocent
You eagerly await the release of new Microsoft products
Mmm... grasshoppers are crunchy. They taste better with ketchup, though.
Your family seems normal
Your psychiatrists has changed the locks on her office door...and her name
You made a list of ways to tell if you're insane

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