Thursday, 10 January 2008

Alarm Clocks


I have blogged about alarm clocks on a previous occasion which is strange for someone who rarely needs one. I have an internal clock that warns me minutes before an alarm goes off and also helps me to time cooking . Some people have it, some don’t. For those who don’t here is another waking up idea...

Classic, modern style. Smooth, refined form. Oh, and possibly the most obnoxious feature set possible in an alarm clock (aside from a clock that actually flees away from you): You must complete a jigsaw puzzle to deactivate the alarm. No cord to cut, since it's battery operated, and "recommended for ages 3 or over"—really, anyone old enough to wield a hammer.

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  1. I saw this clock somewhere, sometime in one of the catalogues/websites I visited - probably as a result of your last posting on the subject. I was going to buy one for someone (either as a joke or because I didn't like them!). I can't recall why. Must re-visit the idea.


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