Saturday 22 December 2007

Your most embarrassing moment

What was your most embarrassing moment? I suspect you can think of an answer but whether you are prepared to share it on my comments slot is likely to depend upon how long ago it happened!

Fortunately mine happened many decades ago and the above swimming pool was the location. I had been invited to go on a day trip to New Brighton open air swimming pool by a neighbour, Mrs Kerr. I hated swimming (or drowning as my version tended to be) but the combination of her having two attractive daughters – Jean and Barbara – and a trip on the ferry decided me in its favour. I even enjoyed the pool as it had a shallow end which sloped to nothing (unusual in those days). I expect you have already guessed the embarrassment – I started to get out of the pool whilst my trunks decided to stay in a waterlogged heap around my ankles. The only consolation was that the Kerrs were far enough away not to notice.

Since I’m mentioning embarrassing moments I’ll tell you one of Jo’s as well. We went to the bank one day and I stood in the queue to get money from the counter while Jo hung around at the back. After I’d got my money I peeled off a load of notes and reached out towards Jo and gave her them. As she wasn’t expecting any she looked slightly surprised and said “Thank you”. “No problem, you were worth it!” I said as I turned my back on her and walked out of the door leaving her open-mouthed and the folk in the queue staring at her.....


  1. Ha that's terrible! I think my most embarrassing moment happened when i was ten years old at our Sunday school anniversary concert. After giving a word perfect Biblical recitation, I promptly fell off the steps leading down from the stage and landed on my bottom, knickers on display to the entire congregation. I buried my face in my Mum's lap in sheer mortification and cried for the next hour. I still shudder to think of it even now.

  2. All the comments you'll receive are the ones who'll share their embarrassment too, lol! I was in my first year of marriage and lived in Berlin, but because I was pregnant I postponed my Berlitz course in learning the German language (because in high school I failed all my German classes, sigh). I commented how I liked the buds (Knopsen) on the trees. Instead of that I noticed how I liked all the Knospen (buttons) on the trees. When I salvo of laughter went up I wondered what was so funny ...till hubby filled me in with the translation.

    And thank you for your kind comment on my art blog - July 2! Sorry, so late, but better than never:) )


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