Friday, 28 December 2007

Little Bits of Christmas


Thought I’d show you our Christmas tree – which was a gift from Helen and Ian – and if you are observant you’ll see there are presents underneath it because the picture was taken a week or so ago! Sadly all the pressies are gone now.

The tree looks better at night but I haven’t taken a decent photo yet – must do so. In the meantime this gives an idea of the warm glow it gives the conservatory.

A little tradition we have introduced in the last few years is to have a separate named bauble for each member of the family so that decorating the tree reminds one of Christmases gone by and folk with whom one has shared those Christmastimes... This is my Mum’s.

Jo and I shared the preparation of our Christmas festive meals but rarely used the kitchen at the same time. Having the kitchen to ourselves is preferred by both of us. During one of my stages I put two jellies out ready to make and when I next came into the kitchen it was spotlessly clean and the jellies had disappeared from the work surface. I hunted everywhere and in the end gave up and went to the cupboard to get two more out. I made them and only when I went to put them in the fridge did I find the originals – Jo had made them. I’d send you some but they haven’t made an internet service that carries jellies yet. Perhaps one day. In the meantime the whole fridge wobbles when you go near it.

Rich and Jo on Christmas morning (note to the timer round Jo’s neck – every time it bleeped there would be a dash for the kitchen to baste the roasties or undertake some other task.)

Me in my ‘Bah Humbug’ hat with Prince the reindeer in the background.

Helen and Ian on Boxing Day

Our Christmas hamper from Bryony and Mark about which more can be read on

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