Monday, 24 December 2007

Top Gear

All good things come to an end and such has been the case with Strictly Come Dancing and Top Gear. Our televisions will now be filled with re-runs of The Great Escape, Oliver Twist and the Blackadder Christmas Carol.

This year’s series of Top Gear has been one of the best ever and it was rounded off rather nicely for me by The Stig driving the most beautiful Formula One car ever made – the JPS Lotus from the 1970s.

The 1964 Lotus 25 of Jim Clark, the 1970 Tyrrell of Jackie Stewart, the Gold Leaf Lotus 1970, the 1972 Elf-Tyrrell 005 and the 1979 Williams FW07 were all things of beauty but nothing could match the JPS Lotus whether seen in the hands of The Stig or the late great Ronnie Petersen (in the blue helmet above).

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