Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Puffin Island

Puffin Island from Penmon Point 
on the Isle of Anglesey

Last week Partner-who-loves-tea and I took a trip to Anglesey and went on a short wildlife cruise around Puffin Island,     The weather was glorious and a most pleasant hour and a half was spent with Sea Coast Safaris.







Atlantic Grey Seals

Seal pup


  1. Great pics, and you must have gotten rather close to some of these (even with a camera zoom). I wouldn't have known the birds' names except for puffins and cormorants.

  2. Oh how wonderful. I had no idea you could see seals so close to home. We shall have to take the girls when they're older.

  3. I have never seen puffins in the wild, and they are lovely birds. Thank you for your lovely photos, and I'm glad that the good weather lasted for your trip. Here in London it's just starting to become a bit more "normal" for the time of year - pleasantly warm but with the usual sprinkling of grey clouds.... and even a bit of rain. Going to an island by boat is always extra special when the weather is good.

  4. Oh, that must be next door to heaven!

  5. You got your bobs worth. A great selection.

  6. Awesome stuff! Do I get a gold star for refraining from making any shag jokes?

  7. It's good to know the names of things. It gives you a relationship to build on.

  8. Lovely photos! and I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!

  9. So beautiful photos! Puffins always have belonged, and still do so, to my favourite animals :-)

  10. A Puffin! When I was a boy I enjoyed reading Enid Blyton, and as a result I wanted to visit England, and I wanted to see some Puffins.

    Great pix, thanks!

  11. I'm impressed that, with your dislike of water, you went on such a cruise. Well done Bruv. I'm a tad envious - particularly as I love being in little boats.


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