Thursday, 5 July 2018

1950s adverts

At the 1950s Museum near Denbigh there were various adverts from that era.  A few of them would not get past the Advertising Standards Agency today, like this one for the Kenwood Chef:-

Cigarette advertising is now completely banned but even before that ban came in this advert would have been considered inappropriate:-

My grandmother smoked un-tipped Woodbines from her twenties into her nineties.


  1. I can recall our Grandmother telling me that she used to hang out of the upper window (above the arch?) in Shipton (? - you probably know which building because I can't quite remember) because she was too young to smoke.

  2. That would be the Crown (The Shaven Crown) in Shipton-under-Wychwood. The arch was where the wagons and coaches went through into the courtyard / stables. I didn't realise she'd started that young! Naughty girl.

  3. I'm afraid anyone who tried to measure me for an ironing board mught just end up strapped to it! ;)

  4. What memories. Sweetie had an uncle who lived in the hills of Arkansas, a true hillbilly family, and he started smoking unfiltered Camels at age 5. One day, when he was 72, he decided he’d had enough of paying high cigarette prices, so he threw his last pack out and never smoked again. He lived almost 25 years more. Those were some tough people!

  5. Any man that measured me for an ironing board would get the sharp end of that yardstick where the sun don't shine.

  6. Good gracious! I wonder what adverts will startle our grandchildren. I remember those Woodbine packets. I wonder when people stopped smoking Woodbines.

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