Monday, 31 July 2017

Now where was I...

Once upon a time I began a blog post.  After I had written a couple of sentences I decided I needed another photo – not just the ones I had prepared in advance.  So I went into the folder that I thought contained it.  I found all sorts of interesting photos.  Not the one I was after but enough go do at least four or five blog posts.  Each of these, of course, needed either internet research or the checking of dates.

One of the problems I have with my photos is that many of them are not labelled by subject.  So, for example, if I want to blog about the stone circle at Steinacleit on the Isle of Lewis I have to find the relevant photos.  If they aren’t named it means going through the pictures for each trip to the Hebrides over the last forty years (except that I know the photos were taken about ten years ago – or maybe five years ago….). 

In going through those folders I find more interesting photos.  One in particular made me check whether I had ever blogged about it.  So I opened up my blog….

Down the side of my blog is a list of other people’s blogs and their latest posts.  One of them caught my eye.  Having read that post – and commented – it reminded me that I owed someone an e-mail. 

So I opened up Google mail.  Oh, look, there’s a new e-mail from my friend over the water…

A few minutes later I am feeling thirsty and tired so I make a coffee and sit down in the lounge with a book…

Now what was it I was going to do today???


  1. Sounds familiar, John! :-D
    Althouhg I must admit I have by far less photos on my computer, and hardly any from 10 years ago, let alone 40!
    One thing makes it easier for me to stick to what I have started doing: having a set time frame for completing a task. I often blog in the mornings before going to work, and I know I only have so much time before I have to leave the house to catch my train. It is certainly different if you do not have that limitation.

  2. We all do that, but I think that is a good think. Those who focus too long on one thing miss out on life in general.

  3. Like you, i'm not very distract...squirrel!

  4. When I store photos on my computer, I name the file with the year and an idea of what's in the photos - makes it easier when cruising through to look for something in particular. For example, I have a great folder called "2016 TRIP TO SCOTLAND"... 8-)

  5. I think jumping from one website or computer program to another on the computer has pretty much the same doorway effect as going from one room to another in your house... :)

  6. The border between distraction and attraction is apparently thin - at least it sounds very familiar to me, too!

    Greatly written, thank you for sharing :-)

  7. Sounds just like my day!( Hope you don't mind me popping in. I found your blog via Graham Edwards at 'Eagleton Notes'. ) I have a terrible time tracking down photos, even when I've labelled them. Between Mac's Photos and Google Photos someone or something up there in the ether just sabotages them.

  8. Hello Jenny. You're most w
    elcome to pop in any time.


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