Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Fino, Ambleside

When GB and I go around together we sometimes revisit old haunts and check out whether our food stops and overnight stay places are as good as they used to be.  We also enjoy trying out places that we haven’t visited before.  One such place on our trip North this summer was Fino in Ambleside.  

We had debated whether to have a meal at dinner time but as the two Thai restaurants were full we settled for having a cheeseboard at Fino.  It was a brilliant choice.

With it I had a Kiwi, Lime and Mint Firefly followed by a coffee.  GB had a wine. 

The cheese board consisted of three types of local cheese, chutney, garlic bread and fruit.  It was wonderful.  The service was equally top class and the origins of the cheeses explained in detail.  We shall certainly visit there again.


  1. I love cheese, so your choice of meal would have been mine, too - incidentally, I made a cheese platter for my sister and myself last night while we were watching TV. Three types of cheese (Stilton, Wensledydale and another one which I forgot), a handful of mixed nuts, crackers, and an apple cut into wedges.

  2. That looks so good! Maybe someday i can try it, too. At least i can hope.

  3. We certainly shall. It was a lucky and inspired choice.

  4. I love cheese, so your choice of meal would have been mine



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