Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Toby at Four Months

My grandson, Toby, paid a visit on Monday.

He had his first meeting with mammals of the feline persuasion.  Mac was quite curious about him but Annabel was happy to ignore this strange mini-person.

He brought his Mum and Dad along too....


  1. Cats only pretend to be disinterested. This new little human is getting more than his fair share of attention so Annabel uses reverse psychology. You're looking good Scriptor!

  2. Toby looks a happy little chap! Nice to see Mac again. An occasional update about Mac and Annabel would be most appreciated from this particular reader :-)

  3. Such good looks run in the family, i see. Thank you for sharing these, there's no way to not smile at a sweet baby like this one!

  4. Toby is so big now! He looks just like his Dad, doesn't he?
    The cat does not look as impressed with him as the Grandfather does!


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