Saturday, 25 February 2017

Annabel and Mac

Next time we go away Mac wants to come with us.


  1. I think you'd have to not step through the front door to avoid cat hair here. Actually Roland sits on the front step so that's probably got hair on too!

    Mac is welcome to come with you next time you visit. Not sure that Misty would agree though.

  2. Ha! Cats get into everything, don't they? :-)

  3. Hello John
    I found your blog on Mac n Janet's - Rambles caught my eye!
    Then I read through a few posts and saw the Stranded Whales in NZ - my home.
    Also books read last year - a favourite pastime of mine.
    We've been to the UK three times and loved the countryside and the people!
    You're blessed to have your grandchildren nearby - our three live in a village in France - c'est la vie!
    Back soon

    1. Welcome, Shane. Look forward to seeing you again.

    2. Welcome, Shane. Look forward to seeing you again.

  4. They always want to come along. After all, they think, they don't take up that much room!

  5. The perfect cosy spot! I know you wouldn't have tipped such a contented cat out!

  6. Ohhh! I bet every cat owner in the world (aside from hermits) have a photo of their cat in their suitcase... when I was a flight attendant, it was a regular occurence! They know you're leaving, and they don't want you to. Heartbreakingly cute, innit?

  7. A Mac-and-Annabel-post, lovely! Thank you!
    Our old black cat used to do that, too, get into our suitcases and bags whenever someone was packing to go somewhere.


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