Thursday, 7 May 2015

So true!


  1. Exactly. We are children playing with we know not what.

  2. *ahem* (holding back comment)

  3. In the Reptile House at the zoo in Atlanta, they used to have a sign that said "The Most Dangerous Animal" and as you looked up you saw that it was a mirror.

  4. Funny how some people seem to have taken this as a sexist picture - I can assure you it wasn't meant that way at all - it was a comment on humanity as Kay's Reptile House recognised!

    1. I believe you Bruv. Thousand's wouldn't (as Mum used to say).

    2. Not until I came back to read comments (but before I came to yours!) did I suddenly see the "double trap". I wish I could say it's all in the language, but is it? Oh dear, now you've got me into deep water...

  5. So true. And not only in a land, far, far away...

    Just now, by your picture I realize that most people (except if they're vegetarian) must have hundreds of tortured and killed animals at dinner / for breakfast / lunch. Hundreds. Each. Year.

    Even candies and puddings - when they contain gelatine - have a part of at least one murdered animal in it...

    I have been 'part-time vegetarian' since several years (and I try to buy meat of animal-friendly-kept animals, sounds paradoxal of course, but the bio-industry even more tortures animals).
    Thanks to your post I think I (and all of us) should consider to be a full-time vegetarian...
    (and be aware to not use rainforest-and-other-places-destroying alternatives...)


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