Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Happy 175th Anniversary

 Especially for those who still post letters and cards-

6th May 1840 - a day that changed the world with the introduction of The Penny Black – the world's first pre-paid uniform rate postage stamp.


  1. I fear that we have come near to the end of letter mail. Stamps are so very expensive now and service has diminished over here. I remember when the mail was nearly sacred - not it's seldom!

  2. "Put a stamp on me and send me on my way".
    I love the post card that I received for my birthday that showed that on the postage area.
    THANK YOU! So lovely that you thought to put the stamp BELOW that so I could see those words! I love that!

  3. I remember that from my much younger stamp collecting days -- not that I ever had one. My husband still has his stamp album from his childhood days. I think he's keeping it hidden to pass on to our boys when we're gone. They never collected stamps but they might find something profitable in their dad's.

  4. Both Google and I thought the anniversary was last week.

  5. Oh yes, I remember seeing this on Google! I just wanted to let you know, John, I'm closing my Very Virginia blog (thank you SO much for following - it means a lot!!) But I have a new blog which I hope will be my home for many moons to come...
    And I hope to write a reply to your lovely letter asap - I do hope you are now fully recovered! <3 x

  6. And then we went and ruined things for the post office by sending email! Stamps are fun and interesting, and i still like to send things in the mail.

  7. I'm not involved in Postcrossing or anything like that but I send lots of card, postcards and letters by snail mail. Many, perhaps the majority, go abroad. The post for a letter/card to NZ, for example, went up 5p this year from £1.28 to £1.33. OK so that's not going to break the bank or stop me sending missives by post but it is the equivalent of a shilling in one year. It would be interesting to compare that as a percentage increase over the percentage increase when postage was, for example, a shilling to NZ. Of course in those days postage didn't go up every year anyway.


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