Thursday, 9 April 2015

Catching up


“John, have you been ill?”
“I hope so!”
“How do you mean, ‘You hope so’?”
“Because if that last three weeks was being well, life’s not worth living…”

That’s all that need be said about the norovirus and its decision to visit me.
It has left me with hot flushes and dizziness – “Welcome to being a 48 year old woman,” said Friend-über-special. 

Clearing clutter

We are having a go at clearing some clutter and that has involved taking everything out of the dressers in the dining room.  Annabel decided to help.

“Excuse me but you mustn’t play with plastic bags.”

“You were warned!!”

“Oi, no need to pull tongues”

Mac displays his guilt free conscience – either that or he is a good actor.

In the Garden

After my three weeks in bed I have at last had a walk around the garden.  The primroses and primulas look good and the cowslips are out.

I enjoy finding where the cowslips have seeded themselves each year.  Today it was in a crack between patio pavings.  


I have forgotten what we named this dragon when we got him around 20 years ago but he has been packed away for years.  Today he came out of retirement and was used for burning incense again. He can look quite impressive at times.

Writing a letter

I pushed my laptop back on the disk and got my pens and inks out to write to Claire who recently sent me a letter written with a dipping pen.  I had a go with dipping pens but the number of splotches outweighed the number of words so I finished with fountain pen.  It was good to use one again.

I seem to have caught up for the moment so cheerio and have a good week-end.


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I figured from your silence that something was not right. Having my own session over here. 6 days in the hospital. Nasty medication reactions. Now more glitches beginning to show up. I keep telling myself "What do you expect? The body can't keep going forever" -- down here that is. My blogging is being limited to reading and commenting until I get myself sorted out.

    1. Sorry to hear that, Chris. Hope things get sorted soon and that you do keep going (down here) for many years to come.

  2. Cheers and i hope you are fully recovered.

    The flowers are pretty, no matter where they are growing.

    Cats never do bad things, we humans just aren't well trained! At least that is what mine would say.

    The dragon is impressive, and good luck with the clearing of cupboards!

  3. Sorry to hear you were feeling poorly...hope you're better now. Those kitties are adorable and I love the green eyes! Beautiful! Our flowers are just beginning to sprout up and all the rain we've had has made our yard a mushy mess! Atleast it's not snow! Enjoy your Spring!

  4. I always enjoy your postings, you sense of humor and photos. You have a good eye. Cool smoking dragon. I don't recall ever having seen or thought about cowslips.

  5. Sorry to hear you had to stay in bed for 3 weeks because of noro! A colleague of mine had it once, but fortunately, for him it was done and over with in 3 days.
    How good of Annabel to help with house work :-)
    Love the cowslips! Not only because they are yellow (my favourite colour), but they have such a modest, old-fashioned prettiness about them. In German, they are called "Schlüsselblume" (key flowers) or "Himmelsschlüssel" (heaven's keys). As a little girl, I read a story about them that I liked very much. Maybe that is also why I love this little flower.

    1. "A modest, old-fashioned prettiness" - What a great description, Meike.

  6. You make the adventure all fun~ Gorgeous photos and I especially love how regal your cat looks lounging after all the frolicking-so funny! Your Primrose in the concrete is so beautiful and I love dragons. My son has collected a few-this one is very cool!

    I am sorry you have been sick~ I am glad you are on the mend! ATB

  7. Gorgeous pens - I'm very envious. And well done on you for clearing up clutter - my conscience is pricking me.
    As for the cats, they are just adorable, I love your descriptions.

  8. Glad you're up and about again.

    I have a feeling the dragon might have been called something like Cedric?

    Good luck with the sorting, xx

    1. Yes, Cedric sounds familiar - thank you!

  9. That dragon, he really is smokin' hot! HA!
    Glad you are feeling better. I am still thinking of your eclipse photos, I thought they were truly wonderful.

  10. So good to have you back! Hope you keep feeling better every day. xoxox Carol

  11. Glad you're well again. We used dip pens in English in middle school (then it was 7-9). And to make it worse that teacher had us write triplicates of everything. My fingers were permanently died blue from writing with that type of pen. Never mind how my papers looked and the scribbly look of my writing. Not a pleasant memory. However, I do enjoy writing with a fountain pen. My granddaughters gifted me a few Christmases ago with five of them.

  12. Sorry you've been so poorly and still not quite recovered... But I smiled throughout the rest of the post! Cowslip really is an awfully mundane name for that lovely flower, isn't it. In Sweden they are called "gullviva" (golden primrose) or St Mary's Keys (Jungfru Marie nycklar) (cf. the German name).

  13. Cats like to help with everything don't they. Sorry you have been unwell again. Thanks for your latest visit. I had been thinking of you and had missed you John. I am so behind with visiting for as you know life just takes over leaving no time at times.


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