Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bits and Bobs

I got side-tracked
How often does it happen that we go on our computers with a specific task in mind and get side-tracked?  In my case, all too frequently. Today I set out to do something (I have now totally forgotten what which is even worse!) and ended up checking my e-mails, writing responses, checking comments that needed moderation, replying to some of the comments, looking at my friends’ Facebook activities, looking a  few friends’ blogs, scanning in a couple of postcards, writing a postcard blog post, checking Google Maps for something and even getting side-tracked from that to look at the new 3D Goggle Earth.  I wonder what you set out to do on your computer today and did you do it?

Spring in the garden

Spring Squill.

Daffodil (‘Mount Hood’ variety, I think)

Cherry – now fully out.

The Pixies have been planting Dandelions again…

 Mac  and Annabel
£3.99 from Tesco and worth every penny!

Annabel keeping watch.

Mac in serious mood.

Annabel playing Peep.

Best of friends.

Everything I know about morality and the obligations of men, I owe to........

The French existentialist author and Nobel Prize-winner Albert Camus (1913-1960) was goalkeeper for an Algerian University football team.  He once said “Everything I know about morality and the obligations of men, I owe to football,”


  1. I get side tracked like that on my pc as well, from time to time. :)

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Occasionally, I get sidetracked, too. But most of the time, I first do what I set out to do and then do all the other stuff, with some sidetracking (but not always).
    This morning, for instance, I had planned to reply to a particular email. I was not keen on writing that answer, because I knew it was going to hurt the recipient, but the choice was between lying and causing the pain much later, or writing the truth and get it over with. I chose the latter.
    The next task I had set myself at the computer was to write the second post about the walk last Sunday, and I did that.
    Once that was finished, I didn't have time for any other online activities, as my sister and I had agreed to go walking together, and I was to meet her at her house.

    Good to see your cats actually use the cat scratcher - isn't it so often the case that we buy something specifically for our pets, and they completely ignore it?

  3. Me? Get sidetracked? Not since I read this post just after you posted it and now most of the day has passed before I came back to it. Oddly (and probably more because of the weather than anything else) I actually have done what I set out to do today on the computer. Almost a first!

  4. What a fun post. Love the spring squill - what a glorious shade of blue.

    I know just what you mean about getting side tracked. I made quite a long to-do list the other day, beavered away all day, but didn't have a single item I could check off the list. So I took a leaf from my daughter's book, and jotted down all the things I had done that day at the bottom of the list, and then had the satisfaction of checking them all off the list! The top part of the list will just have to wait for another day ...

  5. Yes, i go to the computer (or into another room to get something) and forget what i was going to do. It's quite unsettling sometimes.

    Love your flowers!

  6. Owing to shoulder surgery, I have not been on blogs much, and haven't posted since 14-4-2015. Glad I peeked today at yours, The flower images are stunning. As long as you know where you are and who your lovely lady is, no worries, I say.

  7. Oh, you do entirely too much on the computer! Here am I trying to cut back. (My husband feels left out if I'm on it too long. He is not yet addicted, but can do emails and find his way around Google). I could do without the war movies on TV! But at least we are agreed upon tea on the deck and watching the birds. (I'm finally feeling better. It's been almost 6 weeks.)

  8. So nice to see your lovely spring flowers. I have the same problem at the computer. My mother chastised me at the weekend when she rang to ask what progress I'd made on her father's story which I had promised her I would write. I suspect she thinks I'm more dottery than she is when I said sorry I keep getting distracted, cemetry records are so interesting!

  9. Wow! Those flower shots make my eyes pop. When I'm on the computer, I just keep clicking until I remember what I came for. Usually I remember as soon as I stand up to go and have to sit down again!

  10. I know I've done one thing on the computer tonight that I set out to do (ordered groceries for the day after tomorrow). As for the rest, if there was a rest, I have forgotten what it was (if it was). I might remember when I've shut the computer down.

  11. Hope you remembered what it was you were going to do!

    That scratch thing looks great. Misty tries to scratch everything except for the scratch post - drives me crazy. Love seeing photos of the cats.

    Glad it went okay on Sunday, xx


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