Saturday, 7 March 2015

Some more of Mac and Annabel

Mac on a rug in front of the fire with a hand to stroke him.  What more could a cat want?

It’s the Year of the Sheep so Annabel is meeting the sheep that belongs to Partner-who-loves-tea.  (I can’t get used to calling her Partner-who-tends-minds).

Oh goody!  Mice!!

Helping write the blog…

...and helping send postcards.

Now this is one serious selfie!

"If I get up this close am I still in focus?"

"No - but you still look sweet".


  1. She does indeed still look sweet, in or out of focus!
    So good to know these two have found a happy home life with you.

  2. Cats are endlessly entertaining. I often wish we could have a cat again but my daughter is allergic.

  3. LOVE the serious selfie - and the Anfield poster behind you :) Your cats are gorgeous - that Mac is a handsome fellow!!
    And thanks for visiting - I've left a reply on Very Virginia :)

  4. How wonderful you could adopt them both, together, as they are obviously connected and obviously quite at home with you in their new environment.

  5. I'm looking forward to meting them.

  6. They seem happy in their new home - glad it's working out for you all!

  7. I see we both love our kitties. However, I don't care much whenever Jax "helps" me read a book or write my blog post.

  8. Hi Claire! Hi Scriptor! Hi Mac and Annabel!

    P.S. I think Annabel is doing an imitation of you in that selfie... ha!

  9. Wonderful cats you have there! Mine help me on the computer. too, but by interrupting!

  10. They both look wonderfully at home and comfie!

  11. Love that selfie of you and Annabel....made me laugh since you two look like partners in crime!!!
    They're both settling in very well and have taken over your home (you know they have)....I am happy for you.

  12. What great photos. Everything goes better with a pet to assist, I find! xoxox

  13. Those two have found the perfect forever home! They look well loved, well fed, and well photographed! Very sweet! Enjoy them...hey, do they meow with an English accent? Just wondering! Hugs to you from Ohio!

    1. Yes Yaya, of course they have British accents but they are not English - they are Welsh though Mac has a deep BBC English purrr.


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