Thursday, 19 March 2015

Odds and ends

Mothers’ Day

How is the best way to spend Mothering Sunday in the UK?  At sixes and sevens, of course.

Partner-who-loves-tea didn’t get these!

 But she did get home with four new pair!  

I should point out that she hasn't bought any shoes for ages - she isn't quite Imelda Marcos!

Mac and Annabel

As I write there is a scratching noise coming from under the bed in the study.   It's Annabel but heaven alone knows what she is up to.  Mac, meanwhile, is downstairs playing with his favourite toy.

You lick my head, I'll lick yours...


The air temperature is still cold but we have had a day or two of sunshine and a day or two of clouds combined with a day or two of rain – typical British weather really.  But Spring is most decidedly on the way – the Daffodils are out and everywhere is sea of yellow.


  1. I find shoes among the hardest things to buy, so difficult to decide in the shop whether they're really comfortable or not. Hope Jo is happy with her purchases! :)
    At least Annabel and Mac seem happy with their choice of new home and still being together!

  2. Daffodils are happy things! So glad spring has sprung, finally.

    Once i saw a store called "Imelda's Discount Designer Shoes," and i wasn't sure whether to think it clever or tacky.

    If people got along as well as your two cats, there would be peace on earth in no time flat!

  3. I'm not big on shoes, but I love those cat ones. Oh I miss my "Scruffy". Love your two well!

  4. Now I have shoe envy! Hate shoe shopping, love shoes - it's a problem. It's good to see those two cats so happy in their new home.

  5. The UK, the state of Washingto- it seems that everyone has signs of spring except for Muncie, Indiana! My cats lick each other too. I love that tunnel Mac was enjoying. Cats are so entertaining! Well, it appears that P-W-L-T enjoyed her Mother's Day.

  6. The only daffs around here are in flower pots.
    Ahh shoes.... if they fit and look good, you just HAVE to buy them.

  7. The shoe pictures remind me that I need/want a new pair of black office shoes. I so wish I still had my old Mary Janes, but they were really knackered and had to go last year.
    Mac is having a lot of fun there! It must be so relaxing to watch him and Annabel having a cuddle.

  8. The favorite play toy looks like it would be super fun for kitties. We have one for Mojo, but he's never taken to it. Maybe I offended him when I bought a cutesy pink one? hahaha

  9. Oh, how wonderful! All of it! I must get one of those kitty tunnels for my crazy cats... they will have a blast with it!


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