Friday, 17 January 2014

Take care of planet Earth.

Take care of planet Earth.  It's the only one where there's chocolate.


  1. Love! And it's not just about the chocolate!

  2. And the only one where there are cats! (As far as we know.)

  3. yes work on more time spent being on it.


  4. The activist's creed! I will use it to console myself as I once again put my foot into my mouth. A fairly regular occurence, sad to say. Did it again just yesterday, though I tried very hard to couch my idea in terms that wouldn't offend. But apparently they did anyway. Ah well. "Tomorrow is another day," as Scarlett O'Hara said ... xoxo

  5. Besides the beautiful flora and fauna, that's the best reason i've heard!

  6. I ADORE "The Lorax" book by Dr. Seuss.
    And I LOVE chocolate too!! Hope you are doing well these days, John!

  7. 'Who speak for the Trees'...

    The Lorax does! I love him. Wishing that everyone would speak for the trees, and for the earth.

    (I also love chocolate..)

    Thank you for posting!


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