Saturday, 28 December 2013

Odds and more odds...

More Gales
For the last two days we have had continuous gales that suddenly stopped at 6 pm last night and left an instant eerie calm.   It is reported that we have had gusts of up to 80 mph on The Wirral – the strongest winds for years.  And the repaired conservatory roof, ain't.  They came out again on Christmas Eve and identified what they think might be the problem and will be out to fix it in the New Year.  Until then we have to live with a plastic box in the middle of the floor again.

The Darwin Awards
The DarwinAwards for 2013 are out.  The glorious winner  was the character who, when his .38 calibre revolver failed to fire at his intended victim during a hold-up in Long Beach, peered down the barrel and tried the trigger again. This time it worked.
I think number 3 should be taken off the list on the basis that as so many people park across our drive I find his reaction quite understandable!

They walk among us, they can reproduce.

Abandoned places
I think this set of photos of abandoned places is spectacular.  It will take you a while to scroll through it – especially if you read them all but I think it well worthwhile.


  1. The abandoned places are superb CJ. The inclusion of Eilean Donan was a bit of a surprise in that, despite its period of abandonment, it's a thriving place now.

    1. I agree, especially as the photo shows it after reconstruction and not as it was - a three quarters demolished ruin.

  2. Fascinating photographs of abandoned places. To me they are really thought provoking. So many questions, -- what happened? Why? etc. They also have a sad atmosphere -- especially the one of Chernobyl. I try to imagine what they were like before they were abandoned. So much hustle bustle, hopes, ideas, ambition, future dreams, now all demolished . Makes me think of the impermanence of life and the world around us. "Change and decay in all around I see. Oh thou who changest not, Abide with me" Yes, I guess they provoke religious feelings in me.

  3. What a great find these photographs are.

  4. Spectacular photos of abandoned places all over the world....I would love to visit all of them....I'm intrigued..CJ as usual you post the most amazing stuff...thanks.
    As for the Darwin Awards...they will always continue to walk among us.

  5. If only any of those walls (or other abandoned structures) could speak.

    Hope your roof woes are over with soon.

  6. I've always had a thing for abandoned places, so this was exactly "mine", John, thank you!
    Pripyat is a place I've heard, seen and read much about, and I think I'd go there, if given the chance, without being worried about radiation.


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