Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Taking down the tree

I go by a large number of names according to what stage of my life I am known from.  Those who worked with me, for example, knew me as Clive. Not a name I particularly like but I reckon it helped to advance my career in a way that John, Scriptor and CJ would never have done!   

One of my ex-colleagues, knowing my views on the environment, was amused to find this in a newspaper and sent it to me in a letter today –


  1. Cute - I can think of a couple of friends who might see themselves in this too.

  2. hurray for Clive, standing his own ground! glad to make your acquaintance, Clive!

  3. Quite funny when one thinks about it that both you and I are known by so many different names.

  4. Ha! Very funny...didn't Ivy already take down your tree?

  5. Yes, yaya, I was wondering the same thing! After Ivy, was there a tree to take down? LOL


  6. HA! Ours is still up. Our tree, that is. We don't have a Clive. At least, not with us.

    1. Your tree is so beautiful I'd find an excuse to keep it up all year!


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