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Other people’s posts – and Memorial Day

I must point you to a couple of other people’s posts this weekend – Firstly there is a super fishy post on Rambles from Frog End.

And, as Monday is Memorial Day in the USA, I can’t do better than point you to a post on Marcheline’s blog  which gives a different slant on it.   Thankyou to Bear and all those others who have risked or given their lives for the US and her allies.  Whatever one’s political beliefs about the rights and wrongs of various conflicts we owe enormous thanks to our armed forces.  And remember – it is Armed Forces Day here in the UK on 30th June.

The garden at The Willows
The garden is coming on apace now that the weather is summer-like and the sun is shining fit to crack the flags.

The whole garden is a spread of Forget-me-nots.  I suppose that technically they are weeds since they seed themselves everywhere and aren’t planted in a single one of their locations.  But if a weed is simply a plant in the wrong place then not a one of them is a weed – I love them wherever they appear. A flower like this can’t be in the wrong place.

One of my most loved plants is the Chinese Balloon Flower.  

The second hanging bag is up.  

A Geum.

Some Chives.

Like the Forget-me-nots the Aquilegia seed themselves all over the place and they help to fill some of the potential gaps in the borders. 

Another wild flower that jumps up in different places each year – Red Campion. 

And the lawn has some Daisies in it.

Another mailcrossing envelope and the resulting moustache

This super envelope came from Amy in Vancouver.  During the past year she got engaged in a photo booth so that inspired the envelope and its contents. 

A lot of hard work went into this and she even included a couple of false moustaches in case I fancied trying my own self-portraits.  Needless to say, I did!  

Time for a bird bath

Jo caught this baby Robin having a dust-bath on the lawn.  A sure sign that the lawn needs watering.  This baby Dunnock then took over.

But the baby Robin was quickly back to reclaim his spot from the intruder.

Some speedy contortions are involved in this process.

Hope you are having a good weekend.


  1. Funny mustache and funny birds taking dust baths!
    Did you see my photo of the forget-me-nots at the bottom of my blog? That is from the garden in Eastbourne (my in-laws) and I keep thinking I will put something different there, but can't seem to do it!

  2. Lovely photos of the flowers!

  3. I had seen them Ksy and I had never thought to question where they were from. I think I just assumed you had them in Georgia as well.

    I know the feeling about replacing things on the blog. I feel like that every time I replace my quotation at the top. I'm keeping all the old ones to post as one post some time.

  4. Your garden looks wonderful. I love forget-me-nots, too. They're happy little flowers that bring a smile whenever I see them. And as usual, your photos are great.

  5. Those are excellent pictures. I think my favorite is the Red Campion flower. I don't think we have them here in Ohio.

    It's odd about wild flowers. When I lived in Florida my landlady kept trying to get rid of the honeysuckle vine that grew in profusion on the back yard fence. Here in Ohio we're trying to get the vine to grow, both as a vine and as a bush. I like honeysuckle and I really enjoy the fragrance.

  6. Forgetmenots - my favourites!! And the Aquilegia have so much old-fashioned charm, don't they; in German, they are called Akelei.

  7. I have always had a love of Aquilegia: one opt the most elegant of flowers. How could anyone ever think of a Forget-me-not as a weed. They are meant to be wherever they are.

  8. Love the pictures. Your new moustaches are great! And I love the baby robin having his dirt bath.

    The flower pix are great too, and you're right about weeds just being flowers in the wrong place. In Essex, my sister-in-law tries to get broom to grow without a lot of success. In the State of Washington, the highway dept. plants it along the roads as ground cover to prevent soil erosion. It doesn't half stink when the sun shines on it, and gardeners ruthlessly rip it out of their gardens because it's so invasive. So what my sister-in-law considers a proper garden plant, Washingtonians consider a pest!

    Like so many things in life, it's all in your point of view.

    Have a great weekend, love, Carol

  9. A weed can be beautiful too. I can see why the chinese balloon flower is your favorite. It is very pretty and strong looking. You have a lot of great flowers in your yard. So nice that your mailcrossing friend sent you that bag in the mail. Love the envelope of your latest mailcrossing delivery. Very cute and so are the mustaches.

    Re: Belly dance event. I was helping another photographer photograph the dancers. I don't have many photos because I was using his camera most of the time, but I did manage to sneak a few clicks with my own camera and will posting about that in the future.

    Have a great weekend. I love your tribute to all the military and armed forces.

  10. So glad you posted some daisies. As common as they are in the UK, we don't have them over here and I do miss them. My husband came home with a mustache after one of his trips. Didn't like it. Funny thing was it was shaved off for three weeks for I missed it!!!

  11. I love daises in the lawn! We have them here where I live too, in the lawns in between the buildings. Glad you're having a good time in your garden. I keep buying more plants for my balcony... Today I bought a blue potato bush.

    The mailcrossing seems to be wonderfully creative, now I'm beginning to wonder what kind of envelopes YOU make...

  12. One day I'll post a picture of mine, Monica, but at the moment they show something that impacts upon a present I'm making for someone so I've got to be suitably vague...

  13. Lovely, lovely, and all crowned with some mustache-induced giggles! 8-)


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