Thursday, 29 December 2011

What Christmas means....

This is Christmas -

Unwrapping presents.

Family visits.

Christmas cake and Christmas pudding.

'Exotic' drinks.

Silly clothing (Oops - those are Jo's normal socks on the left!).

Satsumas and dates, nuts and chestnuts.

Playing games - old and new.

Too many sweets.

Christmas cards - home-made, full of memories, funny and beautiful.

Christmas crackers.

The smell of candles and incense.

Getting out the old family crockery.

Christmas dinner.


The Tree.

Serious presents.

Lots of new books.

Silly presents (the one on the right is a steel and striker for lighting camp fires).

Little piles of opened presents in odd corners.

Robins on the bird table.

What does Christmas mean to you?


  1. Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing those with us!
    Christmas to me means spending time with the family (which of course I do all year round, too) and, by my choice of presents, showing them how much they mean to me.
    You got a Glady Taber book! I have come across her writing through one of the other blogs I am following, someone is doing a post about it every month.

  2. You seem to have it pretty well covered ;) No family visits for me this year but on the other hand church was included.

  3. What a lovely blog.

    I would have to add carols and mince pies.

  4. Thank you for sharing a trip through your Christmas. I wish I'd been there!

  5. Very similar to yours actually, except no Christmas pudding or Christmas crackers, more the pity.
    Also, thank you for the lovely photo of the robin, that is truly one of my favorite birds in England.

  6. Disruption! But then I'm from the Bah Humbug brigade. Actually we had a good time in the open air with a BBQ and the disruption was minimal.

  7. What a lovely Christmas montage! It looks as if you had a wonderful day. Sure hope so, no one deserves it more than you, CJ!

    Our day was lovely too -- spent at our daughter and son-in-law's house. She fixed roast beef and yorkshire pudding -- one of my favourite dinners.

    Tomorrow our granddaughter Eryn is flying back to New Mexico to begin classes again on Jan. 2nd. It will seem very quiet with her back down south. But they do grow up, whether parents and grandparents are ready for them to do so or not!

    Hope you and Jo and Richard have a wonderful New Year's. Take care and God bless, Carol

  8. I think you've covered it all!
    I could add that it also means quiet times in all the hustle and bustle.

  9. Well Christmas does mean all that to me too what it means to you but yeah the best part is the yummy cake and family get together!
    Check this out if you wish -
    Christmas Color Personality Test
    What does your favorite Christmas color say about you?

  10. This year it meant missing family sorely, but valueing the good friends we spent it with.

    I really enjoyed todays post...well played that man!


  11. Librarian, I came across Gladys Taber thanks to Canadian Chickadee from whom this particular book was a present. Thanks Carol!

    I appreciate church is a major part of Christmas for some, Monica, but have to confess I didn't even listen to the Archbishop's speech this year. Nevertheless, I was thankful to whoever is out there for all that Christmas gave me.

    Bah Humbug to you too, GB. And thanks for my pressie - it's super.

    Sadly. Helen, we tried Mr Kipling's mince pies this year. Ugh. We also had some lovely ones though - mini ones from M& S. Next year it will be back to making my own. I've got a mincemeat recipe if you want it. I wasn't sure how to represent carols other than an audiotape so I didn't bother but we had a few. We don't get any carol singers here like we did in Walton.

  12. Wonderful, wonderful posting. Everything Christmas should be.

  13. What a beautiful post, John! Thank you for taking the time to include all of these details and share.


    The Christmas Pudding and Cake looks lovely. That is something that I think I would enjoy trying.

    Also, LOVED the crazy socks -- my son-in-law wore some that were so funny this year. It inspired me for next year and I'll be on the look-out. (I'm searching for funny, too, because I do lean toward the humbug side.) Mostly because Christmas means "BUSY" to me -- too much rush. I tried to slow down and savor the moments. There were some beautiful ones. However, I'm going to try to plan an escape to a tropical island for next year. Either that or the top of the Himalayas. ;^)

    (I have a set of those Asian hand-massagers in a blue box. I should have got those out to relieve my Christmas stress!) ;^) Love the little jingling sound they make.



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