Thursday, 1 December 2011

That old Christmas card list

Do you ever find an old Christmas card list – the one you wrote out in order to write your cards and make sure you didn’t forget Auntie Marje? Occasionally I come across one as I throw out more rubbish that has accumulated over the years and I’m horrified to realise that the list can be about equally divided into:-

Those who have since died;
those who have changed partner;
those who I’ve lost touch with;
those who I still send a card to; and
those whose names mean absolutely nothing to me nowadays.

Who were Michelle and Eddie????


  1. I'm afraid my list-keeping does not stretch further back than last year; I have that list in my address book and I think it will be used pretty much unchanged this year again.
    Writing those cards is actually really hard work for me - my handwriting is bad, and I am impatient, so used to the quick pouring out of thoughts by tapping away on the keyboard, that I find writing by hand (and making sure it is at least readable in parts!) painstakingly slow.
    So, I hope that those who do get a card from me can appreciate the effort :-)

  2. Oh yes. Last year's list is trouble enough. Quite a few people still on it with whom I have had no other contact than Christmas cards for a number of years now. I've decided to skip those I know by rumour have moved but who have not bothered to inform me of their new address. I guess I could also skip some who did not send me cards last year... If I could only remember who did and who didn't! I quite like sending cards though, and I have about a ton of stamps left behind by my dad, so I guess I'll be sending quite a bunch this year too!

  3. LOL - A few months ago, I was tossing old greeting cards, and ran across several from people I'd totally forgotten about. Like you I found myself wondering who ARE these people? But they were very important to me in 1984!

  4. Michelle and Eddie are your friends. You should buy them Snuggies.

  5. Absolutely. I thought I had lost my current list when I changed computers at Easter as I could not find my list anywhere in my documents except one from 5 years ago.

    eventually I remembered to look in Excel. There it was thankfully as it had changed quite a bit for the reasons you mentioned.


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