Tuesday, 14 January 2020


Over the past couple of years I have really fallen for Instagram.  And it never ceases to amaze me that I can take a picture on my phone, post it on-line in seconds and receive a comment from a friend in Russia a moment later. 

The one problem is that it only translates the original post, not the following comments.   And its translations to and from Russian  can leave a lot to be desired.   "Out of sight, out of mind," for example might become невидимый маньяк which translates back as "Invisible Maniac". 

Some of my Instagram posts are really, really exciting and daring  - like eating chocolate sponge for breakfast, seeing a wine bottle gift container in the form of a post box, or even getting ink on my fingers...  If you feel you can't manage without seeing such marvels you can find me on Instagram at @cjohnedwards

I look forward to If you want to see my doings on Instagram you can find me at @cjohnedwards
I look forward to perhaps seeing some of you there.


  1. It sounds like some of these translations are almost as funny and frustrating as autocorrect.

  2. My next rock band now has a name.... "Invisible Maniac"... classic!!


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