Thursday, 4 July 2019

Schrodinger's Cat

(Thanks Canadian Chickadee!)


  1. This is an open box, you have measured the cat. Close the box and you will have also have a dead cat. Worse still the cat could identify as a man eating tiger. Keep the box shut, it's far safer.

  2. PS: I always thought it's "Schroedinger"?

    1. The 'e' after an 'o' or 'u' in German replaces the ". And as Schrodinger sounds German to me, I think the name must be Schrödinger (like Mueller is Müller), and the ö in English-speaking countries is seen as an o, and often the " gets lost. (when a computer/keyboard is set on English language, the possibility to create an ö disappears, while German (and Dutch) set computers/keyboards easily create an ö by typing a " followed by the o.
      The o and ö are pronounced totally different so writing an ö (or oe when the ö isn't possible) is important :-)

  3. Heeheehee! Let's hope he gets it.

    Someone i know named the cat Schrodinger, but since the cat is not the brightest bulb in the pack, they call her Ding for short!

  4. Great photo!!! So funny.

  5. A cousin to my cat, Danté.

  6. Mine sits and stares at the air just over or behind my head.... unnerving!!!


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