Friday, 23 November 2018

Crime novels

I'm currently reading the Logan series of crime novels set in Aberdeen and written by Stuart MacBride.  They are excellent.  The best crime novels throw in a bit of romance, some philosophy and plenty of dashes of humour.  Here are a couple of quotes from recent ones I've been reading.

“The Regents Arms was a dingy little place, the windows covered with a thick layer of black paint, shrouding the drinkers in dim, artificial light.  After the brightness of a sunny morning it was like stepping into a tomb.  A collection of apostrophes hung behind the bar – postcards, photographs, plastic ones stolen from shop signs, all there to make up for the missing one in the pub’s name”.   Stuart MacBride   ‘Blind Eye’

“Do you really still believe the popular press and prurient public care about the truth, constable?  How sweet.  And where do you stand on the topics of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?”    Stuart MacBride “A Dark so Deadly”

“With the toe of one shoe, she nudged an open pizza carton on the floor.  The remaining slice had grown enough mould to qualify as a houseplant.”
Carol O’Connell –‘The Jury Must Die’


  1. Awesome - I must read some! I present for your perusal Bruce Robinson's description of the "Crow & Crown" pub, in "Withnail &I":

    "If the Crow & Crown ever had life, it was dead now. It was like walking into a lung. A sulfur-stained, nicotine-yellow and fly-blown lung. Its landlord was a retired alcoholic with military pretensions and a complexion like the inside of a teapot."

  2. That collection of apostrophes on the pub wall adds just the right amount of quirk!

  3. Oh, that last comment, enough mould to be a houseplant -- it sounds like someone dug around in our fridge!

  4. I have read a few of these too and really enjoyed them.

  5. Love UK novels...maybe this will be a new author.


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