Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Guess the car...

Partner-who-loves-tea has been a car enthusiast ever since she got her first car at the age of 17 - or probably even earlier.  That car was a 1953 Ford Anglia.  There were not many Anglias around at the time - Ford Populars and Prefects were much more common.

Yesterday we went to the Cae Dai Trust's 1950s Museum near Denbigh and guess what was there - a 1953 Ford Anglia. 

On our way to Denbigh we had followed this car for quite a few miles, trying to work out what make it was. 

It turned off at a roundabout into a petrol station / shop and so P-w-l-t drove around the roundabout and parked next to it.

Upon investigation it turned out to be an Alvis.  The Alvis Three Litre series IV, TF21, was an updated version of the 1963 TE21, and was the last car produced by Alvis cars, having been announced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1966 it remained in production until 1967.  A total of 106 cars of this model were produced.

We had a chat to the owner and this Alvis TF21 is one of only 27 that survive.  It's hardly surprising we failed to recognise it. 

Back at Cae Dai there were a number of other vehicles which I'll blog about another time but for the moment here is a taster...


  1. It’s such fun to go to antique auto shows and see these beauties. Even more fun is spotting them on the road. Like most boys, my Sweetie can identify almost all of them, me, not so much.

  2. My father had an old TA21. Straight six with a cylinder head that weighed a ton. It may have been a TA20. My first welding job at eight years old was popping big washers onto a couple of spark plug bases to lift the head. He swapped it with a chap who wanted the engine to put in a Frazer Nash for vintage racing. This is a modern one.

  3. I was baffled by the Alvis too. Once upon a time I knew a lot of names of cars, but I've lost interest now. I wonder if they actually were more interesting in those days. No suggestions as to what the one at the bottom is although it looks as if it might be something to do with the fire service.

  4. I am not a car enthusiast, but classic cars do hold appeal for me as they usually are simply much more beautiful in design than modern cars.


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