Wednesday, 18 April 2018

A long time

Hello Folk
Just the briefest of posts to let you all know I am alive and reasonably well but still very restricted in what I can do through being partially sighted.
I have an eyesight assessment with the NHS scheduled for 1st May.  Hopefully treatment will follow not too long thereafter.
In the meantime thank you for all the good wishes.


  1. I hope they do something wonderful for you - so sorry to hear you've been having these troubles! Sending enormous lots of hugs across the water!

  2. Thank you so much for posting, you and your family are in my prayers daily.

  3. Welcome back! Even the briefest of posts from you is enjoyed. Hope you continue to improve and that treatment will follow and be successful.

  4. Hey John! Glad to know you're doing OK..I'll keep you in my prayers for your eyesight issues. Big hug from Ohio to you!

  5. Good day John and thank you for updating us. I hope that the eyesight test will result in some useful treatment. It must be very frustrating.


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