Tuesday, 12 September 2017

I'm back...

I have resurrected an old laptop and am back.  But it is sooo slow.  I have to wait for every action to be carried out.  So posts may not be particularly frequent for the moment.  Hopefully quality may make up for quantity.


  1. Hey John!
    If you were here and watched the news with me, you would hear me lamenting the death of the adverb! Is it the same there? I am sure you must have noticed it too! Poor Grammar, wishing to be used properly. :-)
    Take care!

    1. As you know, GB and I have been lamenting the misuse of grammar for many years now, Kay.

      I partly blame changes in teaching methods (at least in the UK) and partly blame texting. It's not like talking F2F. Trying to get people to use grammar correctly is a CWOT. IMHO its* not helped by autocorrect and abbrevs. NM XOXOXOX [*Note the death of the apostrophe as well as adverbs!]

    2. I love this ... priceless! So glad you are back with us.

  2. Grammar, you are a welcome friend here!

    Mr. Edwards, it's good to hear from you any time you can get the technology to cooperate.

  3. Missed you, Sir. Glad you're back.

  4. Welcome back! Your laptop's name should be Lazarus.

  5. Delighted you're back! I've missed you - your posts are always a bright spot in my day - variously warm, thought provoking, funny or giving me the itch to travel.


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