Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Be Happy

I'm in the middle of cataract removal / lens replacement operations and so using the computer isn't easy at the moment. Sdo this posting is a bit of a cheat - I'm simply suggesting you look at GB's post (if you havrn't already done so).


  1. Good luck on your operation. It is my understanding that the majority of time you come out with much better vision!

  2. Thanks for the link, that is a cute video. Laughter is contagious for sure. I hope you have brilliant results from your procedures.

  3. Praying all your procedures go well!

  4. Get well soon! Hope the eye surgery makes a huge positive difference. Hugs, Carol/DeeDee

  5. Will do so instantly!
    Eye surgery sounds even scarier than other types of surgery. Wishing you all the best, John!

  6. Be well! Recover quickly! See beautifully!

  7. Hi John
    I have not been looking at blogs very much recently as my laptop has been throwing wobblies - if it misbehaves again, I will have to get my computer man to fix it but he is due in hospital shortly for his knee operation so hope my laptop will struggle on for a bit!
    I am so sorry that you have been having/about to have eye surgery but glad for you that you will be able to have better sight when it is completed.
    I hope this means that you will be fit and well and able to come up to the island in the summer.
    Wishing you a very successful operation my dear friend.
    Love to both you and Jo. x

  8. Wishing you well CJ...hope everything goes well for you.


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