Sunday, 18 January 2015

Winnie the Pooh Day

On 18th January 1882, the creator of Winnie the Pooh was born.  AA Milne has created many children's characters and is the author of many books.  Now, every year Pooh Bear is celebrated on the day of the author's birth.  Milne's most famous creation springs to life along with Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger and don't forget Christopher Robin!

With his caring nature the oh-so-loveable old bear appeals to all ages. Who could resist a bear that utters the words "If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you." It just makes you melt inside!

(My favourite character is Eeyore - I wonder if we'll ever have an Eeyore Day.  'Doubt it," said Eeyore.)


  1. Scriptor,
    I've heard nothing of Pooh Day here - despite Pooh's Winnipeg connection, but speaking of our favourite bear should you not know his history, do a search for Winnipeg the Bear. And do you know we have a Pooh Gallery in our Assiniboine Park Zoo? (The other Pooh museum is in Amsterdam, I think.) I shall take some photos for you when I am next at the park. "The Hoose at Pooh's Neuk" came home with me after my last visit to Scotland. I find myself pressed to forgive the unfortunate re-naming of our beloved Eeyore to Heehaw, but I love Piglet's being Wee Grumphie. I find it the Scots translation a charming read due to the warmth of the Scots' language, which to my ear seems to have affection coded into it like no other language I'm familiar with.The significant challenge of reading it in Scots without a Scot nearby to help me out is offset by the pleasure that comes from being forced to read slowly, something I find next to impossible to with other books. Interesting post! Here's my melt point:
    "'Pooh, sweir tae me ye'll no forget aboot me, no never. No even when I'm a hunner yer auld.' Pooh had a wee thocht. 'Hoo auld will Ah be then?' 'Ninety nine.' Pooh noddit his heid. 'I sweir it.' ..." Gets me every time! The translation is, indeed whit Wee Grumphie wud ca' a Gey Guid Ploy.
    Thanks for the post. Take care,

  2. I loved the A.A. Milne books when I was a child. I loved the rhythm, the playful words and the ideas in When We Were Very Young and Now we are Six....the half way up being neither up nor down, the foxes who kept their soxes in cardboard boxes, "Hush, Hush, whisper who dares, Christopher Robin is saying his prayers"... and "I DO like a little bit of butter on my bread!" I think I still have one of those two books, but I haven't looked recently. Once everything was put away after we moved I haven't checked that I still have a lot of things. I gave so much away. Now I will have to see how much I can remember of the "The king asked the Queen and the Queen asked the dairymaid. Thanks for the memories.

  3. At the Chris Beetles Gallery exhibtion of illustrators, there were some E H Shepherd sketches for sale. They were hundreds of pounds but actually not nearly as nice as the ones he did for Winnie the POoh. I suspect they were pages from his sketchbook.

  4. But there is an Eeyore's Birthday Party each year at Pease Park in Austin, Texas! Yes, they have a birthday party for him and all proceeds go to children's charities. This year it will be April 25. He's my favorite, too.

    1. Wonderful! Thanks M, I should have known that if anyone knew roughly when Eeyore's birthday was it would be you! I have put his party in my diary and maybe send him a card!

  5. Hey John!
    Hope you are feeling better these days!
    I love Winnie The Pooh too! And I have fond memories of playing "Pooh Sticks" with my son, CHRISTOPHER!! If I had a daughter, I think I would have named her Robin (which is a girl's name in America, but I know it is a boy's name in England) but since I had only one child, we will never know, will we?
    One might think that no adult could ever be that corny or cheesy as they say now, but then, they don't know me, do they? HA!

  6. Love Winnie, didn't know it was his day.

  7. Winnie the Pooh is one of the childhood favourites I never let go of... Still return every now then! :) Surely Eeyore deserves a day of his own, too. Just give him one. He might grumble a bit but he's not as hard to please as it might sometimes seem. A few fresh thistles (not sat upon) to eat, and the remnants of a balloon to play with, and he considers it a Good Day!

  8. Lovely. And I love the post from MacGregor to let us know about Winnipeg the Bear. We'll have to see if we can find you one, to keep Washington company! Hugs to you, xoxox Carol

  9. They're changing Guards at Buckingham Palace.
    Christopher Robin went down with Alice.... etc.
    I wonder what Pooh and Eeyore were doing while C R was adventuring in London with Alice. Possibly perfecting their Pooh sticks skills.

  10. Have loved Pooh since childhood!


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