Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bits and pieces

Ring removal

My ring finger has swollen over the 26 years since my wedding ring was put on.  Not long ago I pointed out to Partner-who-loves-tea that if it needed to come off it would have to be cut.  But perhaps not!  Here is a sneaky medical trick that just might work.


Question - If a tiger attacks your mother-in-law and your wife at the same time, whom would you save?  (Answer below)

The morning commute to work

Drivers in Ethiopia don't need traffic lights…..  Watch this short video and you’ll never complain about your morning commute again.

Rodney Street area, Liverpool

Partner-who-loves-tea had to go over to the office in Rodney Street on Thursday morning to let someone in and give them a key.  While she was meeting him I had a little wander around in the sunshine.

Opposite P-w-l-t’s office is number 62, the house in which William Gladstone, four times Prime Minister, was born on 29th December 1809.

The sets in Falkner Street show where the tramlines were before Liverpool’s trams were dispensed with in the 1950s. Just think what an additional tourist attraction they would be if still on the road.

A modern black cab.

This is a sculpture by John King called ‘A Case History’.  Many of the cases have plaques on them honouring local celebrities.

Once back in the car, we pass the new Everyman Theatre which has just opened its doors with Twelfth Night which I think was the first play it put on when the original Everyman opened amid much controversy over its modernistic approach in the 1960s.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral.   

Then it’s back to the Wirral through the tunnel.

On the way home we stopped at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum in Birkenhead.  

It was P-w-l-t’s first visit and there will be more about it in another post.  When we got there I had a quick check around the corner before going in to make sure my Victorian post box was still there.  It was.

 Question - If a tiger attacks your mother-in-law and your wife at the same time, whom would you save?
 Answer -  The tiger, óf course.... there are very few left..!!!!


How far will your love be travelling today?


  1. Answering your last question first, I'm not sure my love will be travelling at all today; he is spending the weekend at his parents', probably staying there until tomorrow.

    I very much like the "Case History"! It is not often that I can say that about modern art, but it is certainly true in this case.

  2. That is an impressive modern day cathedral I must say. And if I must say something else ~ purple wheelie bins ~ what were they thinking?

  3. Good to see you back and back on form.

  4. Love the ring trick! We do that many times in my work day. Before surgery we always advice taking off rings but sometimes they won't budge...we've used that technique and it's like a magic act! I love your bits and pieces tour of your city and I think that's where a bit of my love will travel your blog to "pieces"! Have a good rest of this weekend!

  5. Thanks for the smile this morning.
    That cathedral - it looks like something from Star Wars!

    1. That explains why it was built so quickly - it landed from the sky|

  6. What an interesting tour of Liverpool, thank you! That cathedral looks very modern... Is it?

    1. The cathedral was built in the 1960s and aroused quite a few comments at the time. Indeed, it still does!

  7. All the way to Liverpool and back! :)

    Love the statues of the suitcases and the Beatles' guitar cases. What a great idea.

    And I love the fact that the house where Gladstonewas born in 1809 still exists over 200 years later. Over here, it would probably have been torn down and replaced by a McDonald's! :) xoxox

  8. I really like the street shot. love the angle of it. my morning commute is usually not so bad. I get out there early before the rush begins.

  9. That video was scary, i enjoyed the tour, and of course i'd expect my Sweetie to save the tiger, my mom is scarier than it is!

  10. EVERY time I learn something new from your blog.
    That ring removal trick will be stored in my memory for the next time I may need help getting a stuck ring off.
    We have traffic lights here and I can assure you that when they malfunction the traffic flow looks just like that Ethiopia video.
    Loved the Case Study sculpture.
    As usual I enjoyed reading and learning the various bits and pieces of info....keep it up.

  11. Memories. Rodney Street, I used to go to a dentist there.Had a problem a few weeks ago with a signet ring bought for me by my son many years go getting tight. I woke up one morning unable to move finger. Joint swollen and surrounded by fluid. My husband cut ring off with small pliers! Finger very quickly returned to normal!

  12. My love is traveling to you from little ole Conyers, Georgia!!
    I told Richard your tiger joke and thank you, it made him laugh!
    Glad the Victorian post box was still there.
    Love the guitar cases in stone, with the famous names like Paul McCartney!

  13. The ring removal video was brilliant - I hope I never have to use this technique, but if I do, I will be grateful to you!

  14. Just watched the video on the ring removal. That is fantastic!! A few years ago, I thought they were going to have to cut the ring off my hand when I broke my wrist, but I managed to pry it off without damage (to the ring anyway). But this is so quick and so slick. Like all the best ideas, it's simple! Thanks a million! xoxo

  15. Answer to last question: At least as far as Long Island to Wirral! 8-)

  16. P.S. Just watched the ring removal video... great idea, plus Jack is a dish!

  17. What a clever idea for removing the ring! Thanks for publicising it.
    And that pillar box - fantastic! How wonderful it is still in use. There's a hexagonal one in Hampstead but they've closed it and left it as a monument, which seems just a bit silly to me!


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