Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The last two weeks in pictures…

Been feeling yuck…

(I shall spare you a photo!)

Son-who-watches-films became 26.

Liverpool beat Everton 4-0 and then beat Arsenal (who were at that time top of the table) 5-1.   The Reds are currently fourth, only six points behind the leaders Chelsea.  Manchester United are nine points behind Liverpool, in 7th place below Everton in 6th.  Other than topping the table - which we did at Christmas -  I can't think of a better situation to be in.

Our Amaryllises (is that the plural?) flowered.

And the Orchid which Partner-who-loves-tea bought at the beginning of October has never stopped flowering for a single day since it arrived in the house…

It's rained every day.

We had some sushi – my first ever!

 PWLT gave me a couple of USB sticks - a penguin and an owl.

 I received lots of postcards…  Guess which country this lovely one came from?

And I used my Christmas present of early 20th century postal scales to weigh an envelope or two.

 Enjoy the next few days...  (in fact enjoy the rest of your life!)


  1. Your post and soccer scores reminds me of a great movie my dh and I saw, "United". Did you see that? I organized a lunch tomorrow at a sushi restaurant for 8 friends. I only eat the kinds with cooked fish! Be well.

    1. No, I don't watch many films. I'm more a book on the couch type guy as a rule.
      Our sushi was cooked fish as well. Raw fish will be the next stage - in about another 64 years!

  2. So sorry you've been feeling poorly. Hope you're feeling better soon. Glad the football results have added a bit of cheer. Hope they can keep it up. Much love to you all, xoxox Carol & Rob

  3. While i'm sorry you haven't been well, i'm glad you've had loving people to look after you.

    Good luck to your teams. While i enjoy watching games at times, i have a difficult time understanding all of the rankings, especially in baseball.

  4. What a nice picture, the one with the scales and the other mail-themed items!
    There was a rainbow in the sky here on Saturday, too, but it was so pale I knew it would not show properly in a photo, and so I just looked and smiled at it all by myself.
    Sorry to hear you've been poorly again. I hope your feeling-good periods last longer and the others will remain short intervals.
    As for the enjoying the next few days and the rest of our lives; well, we never know, do we - the next few days might just as well BE the rest of our lives. (This sounds more morbid than it is meant.)

  5. Loved the postal scales and the animal USB sticks....so cute.
    I hope you're feeling way better soon, especially with all the loving care and attention that you're receiving....smile.

  6. I like some sushi...most, not so much the spicy kind. Did you like it? I'm surprised you've never had it before. Hope you're feeling better!!

  7. Dang, sorry to hear you've not been well. Hope you are on the path of improvement. The amaryllis and orchid are stunning, plus I'd find them cheerful surroundings in this frigid cold Indiana is enduring. I've never seen such cute flash drives! And I love your scales, still helpful without batteries or a USB cord!
    I haven't been ill, but I'm still finding myself off the path of posting daily. :(

  8. Such a lovely photo journal. I am glad you feel better!!

  9. Wow! How were the sushi? :) Am going to have some too! My Partner has his 30th (hm...) birthday today. We have just moved on Monday! Arrgh... But we did it finally, and it's cool :) Can't wait to send my postcards out to you - I was really missing you!

  10. Oh, I am sorry you are feeling so poorly. Yorkshire tea, that is the best thing for you!
    My son and I really enjoyed watching football on TV in England, your announcers are much better there than in the USA. They make intelligent comments and let you watch the game!
    (We were there during the World Cup, so much fun!)
    Did you see the photo of the amaryllis on my post about Shirley Temple? That year, we had so many flowers on each scape!
    Take care and praying for your good health. xx

  11. Sorry you have not been feeling well again John. I see you did not lose your sense of humour though.


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