Tuesday, 17 September 2013

And about time too!

Me  & You
Sorry about the hiatus. I've been busy checking if I have enough money to go away in October...

Just kidding. Anyway, I am back - at least for the moment.

On the subject of October I have just booked for a mini break for Partner-who-loves-tea and I.  We will be calling at Malvern, Cheltenham, Bath, Glastonbury and having a couple of days staying with Daughter-who-takes-photos and Friend-and-son-in-law-who-loves-otters.  Then, on the way back, we shall have a couple of nights at the Portway Inn in Staunton-on-Wye where we celebrated our Silver Anniversary last year.

We had intended to be away for our anniversary but P-w-l-t's work commitments require her to be in Liverpool.  She is moving the training side of her business out of her Rodney St. premises at the end of the month and only keeping part of her counselling there.  It's going to be an exceptionally busy time for her.

In the meantime we are also decorating and re-fitting the lounge of Son-who-loves-films and, hopefully, we are getting the boiler man to repair the boiler because the colder weather has settled in and Autumn is definitely here.

Ivy is still missing and we keep pursuing sightings (or potential sightings because there are a lot of black cats out there in the big wide world).  I am hopeful that one of these will lead us to her or that she will just nonchalantly wander back in as cats do. 

Those of you who receive postcards or correspondence from me will be delighted to know I am determined to do something about my handwriting.  I haven't settled on a particular style as yet I am just making sure I take care with each letter and keep it legible.  I'm having difficulty deciding on a style that is attractive and yet reflects my individual personality.

So what have you been up to and how are you?

A world of colour
I came across many of these pictures with the note below on a blog but they were not the bloggers own photos so I don't know where they come from and, annoyingly, there was no indication of where the subjects came from. I have put in some of the ones of which I am certain.   I could guess some of the others but I'd rather not just guess them. If you know any of the others I'll try to add the names in.

The look of all the different cultures is so beautiful.







Woodabe (nomadic Niger,Nigeria, etc). 


Be proud for your own culture, be proud for the colour of your skin, be proud for who you are. Protect & respect your own beliefs, culture, traditions, origins, & morality because those are the ones that give colour and meaning to this world.


  1. Hi Scriptor! Glad you're back. Those are such beautiful and colorful national dresses. I always wondered why England never had a colorful costume. The Scots and Welsh do -- and the Irish with their kilts too, I think. But nothing outstanding for England except the Morris Dancers, which is hardly widespread among the people.

    Do visit my blog and see that mysterious tree and what it has turned into. It is simply breath taking. People walking by stop to look at it more closely. I even had one lady in her car stop to tell me how glad she is the new people in this house (us) were taking good care of this baby tree.

    Still hoping to hear good news of Ivy.

  2. So P-w-l-t goes from busy to exceptionally busy! I really admire all of you for always doing so many things. In comparison to you, I feel like the laziest brat on earth.

    The pictures are very beautiful, but I wonder why - more often than not - practicality has to be sacrificed to beauty.

  3. Since I'm a movie fan I would also like to have parents who redecorate a studio for me to watch movies in. And believe me I have been petitioning for years... :)

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Oh, I just love those photos - such beauty in those faces! And I am glad you are planning a little holiday. We are back from ours and are trying to settle back into our daily routines. That seems harder the older we get... ;-)

    I was really sorry to hear that Ivy cat is missing. I hope she comes back from her travels soon...

    xoxo Silke

  5. Such beauty, and represented so many ways! Thank you for the lovely trip around the world in one sitting.

  6. Good to see you "out and about" in the (very colourful) world again :)

  7. beauty and color come in all ethnic groups!
    sorry to hear that Ivy still hasn't made an appearance. I miss you when you're not posting, but since I limit my time at the computer because of my fibromyalgia and arthritis in my neck and shoulders, I figure it's my fault. So do not be concerned, just take care of yourself.

  8. Oh, so happy to see your post here today!
    I love these colourful photos from around the world.
    Hope you have a nice break in October!
    Thanks so much for your postive comment about C's band, he will appreciate it very much!

  9. I'm so sorry that Ivy hasn't come home yet. I hope she wanders back soon. The photos of all the beautiful women and costumes are stunning! I just love the one with all the bottle caps decorating her hair! Have a great time traveling. October is one of my favorite months. I'm looking forward to seeing the places you visit, so take lots of pics!

  10. I always look forward to other blogger's travels. Hope you have a great time, then return and tell us all about it - and, of course, you couldn't be an Edwards and not take heaps of photos. Hope that little cat returns home soon!

  11. Sounds like you are going to have a great trip and sorry your cat has not returned. I know that makes you sad.

  12. Your upcoming October trip sounds like lots of fun....I know you'll take us along on your travels.
    Love love love, did I say love the beautiful photos of women around the world. Each one truly beautiful in every way.
    So sorry that Ms. Ivy has not wandered back home yet. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that she shows up soon.....maybe she'll be back to welcome you home after your trip.


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